Is Harry Styles Really Paying A Fan’s University Fees?

One Direction star Harry Styles may have made an incredibly generous gesture to a fan. During a sold out One Direction show at London’s O2 arena last week, Harry spotted a fan waving a sign in the crowd. Harry saw Bournemouth University student Callie Worth waving a sign that read “I left University for this, you owe me £9,000.” The Daily Mirror report that Styles appeared a little shocked when he spotted Callie’s sign and said “Now we owe you £9,000.” Harry then carried on with the show.

Just a few minutes later, it was Callie’s turn to be shocked when Harry told her that her University fees would be paid. Styles told the shocked teenager that “Snapchat have just told me they will pay the money for you.”

Callie had travelled to London from Bournemouth to meet up with friends to see Harry and the rest of his One Direction bandmates play the final night of six London shows.

Callie explained that she and her friends have a tradition of going to One Direction shows together and wanted to meet up because, with One Direction splitting next year, it could be their last chance to see Harry and his band-mates perform together.

“It’s a tradition that we go and see them, and it was my friends 10th show! This is probably our last one together for a while so we wanted to go out with a bang and make an eye catching banner.

Me and my friend Mollie spent 4 hours making the banner and wanted to make it humorous.”

The 18-year-old sports science student was taken aback by Styles’ offer, but did admit that she thought Harry may have been joking. Thankfully, Callie also admitted that she hasn’t actually quit university to see Harry perform with One Direction. She just skipped class for the day.

One Direction have only recently joined the Snapchat revolution and used the social media platform to bring some of Harry’s performance to fans mobile phones.

It seems that neither Harry nor Snapchat have been in touch with Callie about her fees as yet, so it may be the case that Styles was, indeed, joking.

If Styles was simply teasing Callie, it would not be the first time in recent weeks that Harry has teased with his humor. According to Metro, Harry has told Apple’s Beats 1 radio that he wants to become a real estate agent when One Direction splits in March of next year.

Harry claimed that he intended to sell little houses instead of launching a solo singing or acting career, as is widely expected.

“I’ll go from singer to [real] estate agent. I like the little [houses] because then you throw in ‘it’s romantic’, which means it’s tiny, while ‘it’s cute’ means it has a window.”

It seems likely that Styles was joking about his new career choice, but if he was serious, it isn’t hard to imagine fans queueing around the block at the prospect of being shown around a house by the 21-year-old singer. It seems that Harry’s bandmate, Liam Payne, may also be teasing One Direction fans, as he revealed that his school career advisor suggested that Liam should “put singing last” and become a firefighter.

Harry and bandmates Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne are now on the final leg of their massive “On The Road Again” world tour. Styles and his One Direction pals already have London and Manchester behind them as the show moves to Scotland on Wednesday, October 7.

[Photo by Mat Hayward / Getty Images]