Andrew Wardle, ‘The Man With No Penis,’ To Tell His Story in TLC Special

Andrew Wardle

Andrew Wardle’s big TLC special is finally about to air and TV viewers everywhere are curious to know more about the man who was born without a penis. People has recently reported on this new special about Wardle and what his experience has been like without having a penis for his entire life. His TLC special, The Man With No Penis, will air on October 5.

Wardle was born with bladder exstrophy, an abnormality that caused his bladder to form on the outside of his body, leaving him without a penis from the day he was born. At the young age of one, Wardle had surgery to put his bladder back inside his body, where it needed to be, but he was left without a penis. All that was left behind in that area was scar tissue. Andrew Wardle shared how this has affected him, admitting it lead to taking drugs as a teenager.

“When I was a kid, it didn’t really bother me. I was good at hiding it. But I knew when I became a teenager it was going to be a big problem. I thought I was going to end up dying from all the drugs. I just didn’t even care.”

Andrew Wardle has a girlfriend who has been with him for three years. She knows about the fact that Andrew doesn’t have a penis, but she has stuck by his side the entire time. When they first started dating, Andrew Wardle didn’t tell her everything. Now, she knows, and he says she is okay with it all. Wardle says that she is “on board 100%.”

Cosmopolitan shared that Andrew Wardle could end up getting a penis, though. A new surgery procedure can reportedly make one out of his arm tissue. This surgery is not easy, but Wardle is going to go for it. Wardle will have to undergo four surgeries that utilize muscle and skin grafts taken from his forearm. It will be complicated, but worth it if everything works out in the end for Andrew Wardle.

TLC has actually been under fire from viewers recently due to controversies over marketing and branding for their programming. Viewers argue that lot of their shows do not sound like they should air on “The Learning Channel.” This new special, The Man With No Penis, about Andrew Wardle is taking programming back to the types of shows that people are used to seeing on this network. It intends to teach people about the condition that Wardle has and share why he is living his life the way he is.

The Man With No Penis will air on Monday, October 5 on TLC. This will give viewers a chance to meet Andrew Wardle and get to know his story. At this time, Wardle has just one special, but TLC has a habit of showing a special to see if the viewers embrace it. If the ratings are great for Andrew Wardle, you never know if he might be able to find a way to turn this special into an actual series. Viewers just might love to follow along on his journey to getting a new penis.

Do you have plans to watch Andrew Wardle in The Man With No Penis on Monday night? Do you think this show fits on TLC? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

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