Kim Kardashian 'Forces' Caitlyn Jenner To Wear Makeup At All Times

Kim Kardashian knows a thing or two about being followed by the paparazzi, and apparently she's passing on her knowledge to Caitlyn Jenner.

The reality stars appeared on a livestream video together for Kim's website recently, and Caitlyn said she's "forced" to wear full makeup whenever she leaves the house because Kim knows what will happen.

"Now I'm forced to wear the makeup every day. I am forced because Kim Kardashian told me I got to rock it every day. If I walk out the door and don't look at least good and presentable they're gonna use that shot forever," Caitlyn said.

Kim shot back, saying this was Caitlyn's choice and she wasn't forcing anyone to do anything, but it's clear that she's trying to give Caitlyn pointers as to how to handle fame as a woman. However, it's clear that Kim is impressed with the results of Caitlyn's transition, as she talks about seeing Cait for the first time during her Vanity Fair shoot in a new episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. While Khloe admitted she was having trouble (in the early stages) with which pronoun to use -- and seeing her stepfather in a completely different light -- Kim said she was fine with it all and began calling Caitlyn "she" right away. She also went into the dressing room during the shoot and got a glimpse of Cait's new body.

"So, then I went into the closet and she had to change. She was like: 'You can stay in.' And she took off her top and her boobs were like Kourtney's, like when she first got hers done. Like it made me want a boob job," Kim said.

Of course, Kim isn't one to shy away from the camera when it comes to showing off her body, filling up her Instagram account with pics of her various photo shoots and her own shoots at home. She's even shown her nearly-nude pregnant body as she goes through the journey a second time with husband Kanye West.


The Kardashians and Jenners are always in the headlines for something, and recently Kim's name was at the top of the list when she and Khloe visited Armenia during the mid-season premiere of their show. Khloe was clearly agitated that Kim received so much attention when they arrived, and the sisters later had words over the fact that Kim doesn't approve of Khloe's continued relationship with her ex, Lamar Odom.

"It's like I'm with the Princess of Armenia. The echo of 'Kim, Kim, Kim.' I think they were so happy to have their queen on their land," Khloe said. When Kim questioned Khloe as to why she felt the need to call Lamar during their trip and check on him, Khloe got upset.

"I wanted to make sure he's okay. Can't I do that? I'm his friend and I care to see if he's alive for the day. I don't ever come at you about all the sh*t you used to do before you got married," Khloe said.

Kim and Khloe have clashed before, with Kim insisting that her sister deserves better than Odom. The two separated amidst quite a bit of drama, with rumors of Lamar's drug use running rampant on the web as well as speculation about the duo getting back together. This weekend, however, it was Kim's relationship drama making all the headlines when model Amber Rose headlined a "Slutwalk" with the slogan "F**k yo 30 showers", a line aimed at Kanye West. West and Rose infamously dated before he was with Kim, and said in an interview that he had to take "thirty showers" before he could be with the famous Kardashian sister.

[Photo courtesy Instagram]