'Blue Bloods' Introduces A Serial Killer Storyline [Spoilers]

Blue Bloods' new season started off with a bang, literally, as there were bombs constructed by a terrorist group. Now, Danny Reagan is spearheading an investigation into a serial killer who is taunting him, calling him on the phone to let him know that he plans to kill more young women in the New York City area.

The Inquisitr reported that there are also family conflicts brewing on the new season of Blue Bloods, and most of them focus on where the police start and the district attorney's office takes over, which pits Frank (Tom Selleck) against his daughter Erin (Bridget Moynahan). Erin tends to look at the long game, and the ramifications of how things will go down in court after the police, her brothers, and her father are done with a case.

According to Fox News, the big deal this season will be the new mayoral candidate threatening the security of Frank's job as the police chief. The current mayor and the woman who wants to be mayor are putting the police chief and his job squarely in the middle of the conflict.
"Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) found himself being threatened with dismissal while his detective son Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) battled a serial killer on Friday's episode of Blue Bloods."
Mary Stuart Masterson, joining the cast as the mayoral candidate is shaking things up and threatening Frank's job.
"You can kiss this job goodbye."
The Christian Post reveals that the latest episode, called "Worse Case Scenario" has Danny Reagan and his partner Baez coming upon a kind of killing field, full of the bodies of a serial killer's victims.
"What seems to be just another domestic crime case turns out to be something serious when the unidentified perpetrator gives Danny a specific message. How the suspect was able to directly link himself to Danny and what his grand plan is about are just some of the thrilling and suspenseful aspects that fans should watch out for in the episode."
TV Fanatic reports that it was Danny Reagan's off the cuff comment to the press which caused the serial killer to up his game and come after him personally.
"Of course Danny's off the cuff remark only spurred the killer to step up his game and taunt Danny to find him. The moment Baez relayed the realtor's name and address to Danny I knew what was about to happen next. Why did Baez even bother telling Danny to wait for her? He never does."

"The moment Danny broke into that house on his own, I was waiting for him to get a hammer to the head. Not only did charging ahead without backup almost get him killed, it let the killer get away to start over again."

As if this wasn't enough activity for so early in the season, Erin is also up for a judgeship, though there seems to be quite a few strings attached, as she is also being pulled into the middle of the run for mayor. She must decide if she wants a appointment, with the mayor's support, or if she just wants to run for the position and stay out of the political wrangling.

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