Amy Robach Cancer Heartbreak Includes Pregnancy: Joins Breast Cancer Survivors Olivia Newton John & Carly Simon

Amy Robach and her cancer battle began as a simple news story that started in 2013, when Amy participated in GMA's Breast Cancer Awareness features by having a mammogram broadcast live. Robach subsequently shocked the audience when just one month later, the news anchor shared the results of her mammogram, which uncovered breast cancer, reported the Washington Post.

Admitting that at first she had been hesitant to even have a mammogram because no family history existed, Amy shared her doctor's revelation.

"The doctors told me bluntly: 'That mammogram just saved your life.' "
Robach, who underwent a double mastectomy and chemotherapy following the cancer diagnosis, credits GMA anchor Robin Roberts for persuading her. Robin also fought breast cancer publicly.

Roberts convinced Amy to have that initial on-air mammogram, with the argument that if Robach saved even just one life through her courage, it would be worth it.

Amy Robach talks cancer.
Amy Robach shares cancer battle.

"I can pretty much guarantee it will save a life. Just by you walking into that mammovan and demystifying this test, someone will find out they have cancer who wouldn't have otherwise," Robin told Amy.

But neither Robach nor Roberts ever dreamed that the life saved would be Amy's own. And Robach recalls being convinced when Robin told her that family history of cancer wasn't relevant.

"Amy, 80 percent of women who have breast cancer have no family history," added the GMA anchor.

Looking back, Robach watches the video of herself doing the intro to that segment and feels haunted by the way she quoted Robin.

"I went to see Robin … and she said, 'Amy, if one life is saved because of early detection, it's all worth it.' So, Robin, this one's for you," says Amy in that introduction.

Robach recalls saying those words before her life turned upside down with the news that she had cancer.

"The life I saved would be my own."
For Amy, life since her breast cancer diagnosis and treatment has not been easy emotionally or physically. And Robach has been hurt in some ways she never anticipated.

Married to Andrew Shue, Amy was appalled when she saw People magazine's headline about their marriage, reported Page Six.

"Cancer Nearly Destroyed My Marriage," blared the magazine's headline about Robach.

Amy Robach and husband Andrew Shue feel their marriage got stronger through cancer battle.
Amy Robach and husband actor Andrew Shue survived her cancer battle.

Talking on The View, Amy clarified the message that she wanted imparted about her marriage.

"I just want to clarify something for anyone who might be picking up People magazine... there is a very hurtful headline. Cancer did not nearly destroy my marriage... it made it stronger and better," said Robach.

The magazine subsequently altered the headline.

"Cancer Made Our Marriage Stronger," read the edited version.

In her new book, Amy reveals the changes that came with breast cancer. One of Robach's pals noted that she was upset when People magazine misquoted her message in her book.

"People [magazine] has been very supportive of Amy's story from the beginning, but she was disappointed to be misquoted on the cover," said Amy's friend.

Robach herself emphasized that although marriage is never simple, having cancer made it even more challenging. But she emphasizes the strength that resulted.

"I would say that cancer tested our marriage, it challenged our marriage, but it made it stronger," concluded Amy.

Robach's heartbreak isn't over, though, because her desire to get pregnant has been thwarted, reported the Huffington Post.

After that double mastectomy followed by eight rounds of chemotherapy, Amy learned the sad news about adding to her family.

"The drug I'm taking, you cannot be pregnant on it. In addition, because my cancer was an estrogen-fueled cancer, it's not advisable that I would ever get pregnant," Amy told Oprah Winfrey in an interview. "My oncologist said, 'You are out of the baby-making business.' "

Robach and Shue had dreamed of having a baby. Andrew has three sons, while Amy has two daughters, but they planned to add to their family.

"When we met, it was what we dreamed of," recalled Robach sorrowfully.

As noted, Robin Roberts was open about her breast cancer battle. But Amy and Robin aren't alone. Other celebrities who have gone public with the challenges of their breast cancer battles include Olivia Newton-John and Carly Simon, reported Parade.

In addition, Kathy Bates, Maggie Smith, Peggy Fleming, and Christina Applegate have, like Robach, shared their cancer battles.

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