‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Laura Is Back And Pays A Visit To Sam And Patrick, Will She Tell Them The Truth About Jason?

The big Jason reveal is finally approaching on General Hospital, and events are happening that are gearing up for an explosion of emotions in Port Charles. Laura Spencer left town a few weeks ago, but now she is back and came knocking on Sam and Patrick’s door. She knows that Jason Morgan is alive. Will she tell Sam the truth about her husband?

On Friday’s episode of General Hospital, Sam opened the door to reveal the surprise visitor. ABC spoilers had a sneak peek into next week’s happenings in the Drake household. Laura’s visit came right in the middle of Sam and Patrick’s romantic celebration. Samantha Morgan is about to become Samantha Drake as she had just accepted Patrick’s marriage proposal. With candles and rose petals surrounding them, and a homemade poster with “Yes, I’ll marry you” written on it, it was a perfect moment for them. She even put on a cute dress for the special moment, which doesn’t happen very often. Even Patrick seemed surprised about that.

Sam had to come to terms with letting Jason go and move on from his death before she said yes. With the help of Jake, aka her actual husband, Jason, she realized that she would never be able to marry Patrick if she hadn’t faced her true feelings.

Her future mother-in-law, Anna Devane, also gave Sam a big push in the right direction. They had a good talk about moving on and not being afraid of taking chances. Anna said that she knows Sam makes Patrick and Emma happy, and helped them both heal after Robin left her family. It was a nice moment between the two.

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So, it looks like another General Hospital wedding is about to happen. Or will it? Laura Spencer may put a kink in their plans if she should reveal the truth to Sam that her husband has been alive and kept from her all this time. Elizabeth is engaged to Jason, and they are planning their own wedding. It is about to blow up in her face if her former mother-in-law decides to spill the news.

Of course, the sneak peek has Laura finding out that they just got engaged and are really happy. But then, Sam reveals that she first had to let Jason go before she could accept his marriage proposal. Laura will most likely struggle within herself to decide whether to tell her at that moment or just let her be happy with Patrick and walk out the door, taking the truth with her.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, the Jason reveal will be on November 6, which is the date of Jake and Elizabeth’s wedding. They also say that Jake already figures out that he is Jason Morgan by then, but will keep it to himself. There are several people who could spill the beans at the wedding. Liz could have a change of heart, Laura or Spinelli may do the reveal, or it could be that Jason starts remembering his wedding to Sam and stops it before he marries Elizabeth.

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General Hospital fans are certainly getting anxious for this all to be over with. It has been a long time coming for Jake Doe to be revealed as hitman Jason Morgan. Billy Miller has done an excellent job in his role as Jake, but it will be interesting to see him as Jason Morgan. Will he become more like Jason?

Do you think that Laura will tell the truth to Sam on Monday’s episode on General Hospital? Comment below on who you think will be the one to make the big reveal to everyone in Port Charles.

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