Lady Gaga Stuns In ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’

American Horror Story: Hotel premieres this coming Wednesday, and everyone is anxious to see how Lady Gaga checks out.

Lady Gaga Stuns In 'American Horror Story: Hotel'
American Horror Story: Hotel premieres October 7 on FX. (Photo courtesy of FX.)

Hotel is the fifth season of the horror anthology, which features a different theme and story line each season. This season is said to be reminiscent of the first season, Murder House, “which was much more rooted in honest, primal fears.”

The first season, as you’ve probably gathered, took place in an old house; the family who moved in were terrorized by neighbors and spirits who had been trapped in the house for decades, as well as experienced many horrific events of their own. The couple’s daughter, who committed suicide, became a permanent fixture in the house. Executive producer Brad Falchuk states that this season also focuses on people who feel trapped.

“This season is a little less claustrophobic. This is kind of like horror sneaking out of the hotel.”

Lady Gaga announced in February that she would be joining the cast for the fifth season, which will be her largest role to date. Gaga has portrayed herself in small cameos on The Simpsons and in Men In Black III, and had small parts in Machete Kills and Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.

Ryan Murphy, co-creator of American Horror Story, before meeting Gaga, found himself to be intimidated by the songstress. As the two worked and became close, he was stunned to find that she is fun, joyful, and down to earth. He, along with the rest of the cast and crew, was impressed with Gaga’s acting chops as well.

Lady Gaga Stuns In 'American Horror Story: Hotel'
(Photo courtesy of FX.)

“I think when people see her in Horror Story they are going to be so blown away by her acting and by her presence and what she brings to it and how beautiful she looks,” Murphy said. “That’s the thing about Lady Gaga that I have found is that she’s never disappointed on any level even one time, and that’s work…. I’ve been so blown away by how prepared she is.”

Gaga’s costars were also enamored with the singer, as tweeted by Kathy Bates.

American Horror Story: Hotel is set at the fictional Hotel Cortez, which is owned by the beautiful Elizabeth (aka The Countess), who sets her evil plan in motion in the premiere episode. Elizabeth, portrayed by Gaga, suffers from a form of hemophilia that co-creator Ryan Murphy calls an “ancient blood virus,” which brings some kitschy, exotic glamour to the table as she uses a sharp silver nail to silence her victims.

Murphy also describes Gaga’s character as very wealthy and social, and obsessed with art, people, and fashion.

Hotel sees many of the series regulars return: Kathy Bates’ character Iris manages Hotel Cortez; Angela Bassett plays actress Ramona Royal, whom has a “real nasty relationship” with Gaga’s character; Sarah Paulson tackles her role as a “quite dark” and “sexy” drug addict named Sally.

Denis O’Hare quite easily has the most interesting character, as Liz Taylor. Well, sort of.

“I’m not actually playing the person, but someone inspired by her awesomeness in movies like Cleopatra,” O’Hare says.

Jessica Lange, who has been a series regular thus far and even won an Emmy for her work with AHS, will not be appearing in Hotel, as she decided to take on a Broadway play. There is no doubt, however, that she will come back.

On October 7, we will see if Lady Gaga and the Hotel Cortez can hold up the philosophy of American Horror Story:

“Wherever your safe space is, it’s the least safe place you can be in the entire world,” says Falchuk.

[Featured photo courtesy of FX]