‘Scream Queens’ Delivers Some Very ‘Chanel-O-Ween’ Teasers [Video]

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for Scream Queens.

Scream Queens is taking a page from Taylor Swift’s book, as a part of the two-week Halloween holiday event by mimicking Swift’s Christmas gift giveaway, which took place last year. The difference with the Scream Queens event is that it will be entirely fictional, but no less entertaining. In the upcoming holiday event, which has of course been renamed “Chanel-o-ween,” Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts) will be rewarding her loyal followers for their devotion to the queen of Kappa House.

Scream Queens Mimics Taylor Swift With a Video of its Own

Chanel (Emma Roberts) goes all out for Halloween on 'Scream Queens.' Image courtesy of FOX.
Chanel (Emma Roberts) goes all out for Halloween on ‘Scream Queens.’ Image courtesy of FOX.

Last year, Taylor Swift celebrated Christmas by giving gifts to her fans and sharing the video of the reactions of those fans with all of her social media followers, causing a swelling in Swift’s fanbase and sending the video viral. According to Daily Mail, Scream Queens is mimicking Taylor‘s gift giving stunt and possibly making a bit of social commentary on the entire incident by having Chanel (Roberts) create a similar video of her own.

“2015 was an amazing year for Chanel Oberlin and her 752 Instagram fans. Starting in early October, fans of Chanel would receive a Jack-O-Lantern emoji on their socials…from Chanel,” the mock Scream Queens video begins. “Parcels began to appear on their doorsteps in what became tenderly known as ‘Chanel-o-ween.’ These are their stories.”

Meanwhile Emma Roberts told E! News that she has suspicions about Jamie Lee Curtis’ Scream Queens character, who grows more and more suspicious by leaps and bounds. If Curtis’ Dean Munsch isn’t the killer, she is certainly hiding some part of the secret conspiracy that inspired the Red Devil killer.

“There’s something in her eyes that I do not trust,” Ms. Roberts explains of Jamie Lee.

Emma also has some definite ideas about her own Scream Queens character.

“I think Chanel might be the baby, just because I don’t think she’s the killer, and I just think Chanel’s so important that she has to be the killer or the baby!”

Lea Michele Emotes Over Becoming One of the Scream Queens Cool Kids

A first look at Chanel #6, formerly Hester, as played by Lea Michele on 'Scream Queens.' Image courtesy of FOX.
A first look at Chanel #6, formerly Hester, as played by Lea Michele on ‘Scream Queens.’ Image courtesy of FOX.

Another Scream Queens actress is excited about the upcoming Halloween special event for other reasons. Lea Michele is really looking forward to her on-screen makeover and to being able to ditch that neck brace for awhile. As much as Ms. Michele is looking forward to Hester’s new look, Lea was also happy to hear that her character would still be the same weird, kooky girl.

“Here’s this girl who goes from wearing a neck brace and being a complete misfit and outcast, but she’s still herself,” the Scream Queens actress said. “She gets more weird and mysterious and crazy as the season goes on. This is the same girl — just in Chanel clothes!”

Michele said that she’s really looking forward to these upcoming Scream Queens episodes for another reason as well. The Scream Queens actress told Variety that she likes that she’ll be able to be one of the “cool kids,” because it’s something that Lea has never before experienced. Unfortunately, it seems Hester, played by Ms. Michele, will jeopardize it all, when she becomes embroiled in a love triangle with Chanel’s boyfriend, Chad.

“I have this awesome storyline with Glen Powell who is Emma’s boyfriend, Chad. It’s this very screwy love triangle,” Scream Queens‘ Lea Michele reveals. “Hester’s a little obsessed with him.”

Lea Michele’s Scream Queens transformation may be even more anticipated by fans than the big “Chanel-o-ween” event, simply because Ms. Michele herself is still astounded by the lines given to her by Ryan Murphy. It will definitely be interesting to see Hester evolve into Chanel number six.

The next episode of Scream Queens airs on Tuesday, October 6, on FOX.

[Featured image courtesy of FOX/Scream Queens]

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