Huge 'Longmire' Event Scheduled By Fans For October 7 In Hopes Of Fifth Season On Netflix

Danny Cox

When fans feel passionate about something, they will do whatever it takes to get more of it and not let it simply go away. The fourth season of the cult-followed Longmire was just released on Netflix on September 10, but fans are already clamoring for a fifth season and are desperate to get one. With that, they have scheduled an event for this week in hopes of getting their message across and having the show continue into the future.

Not only do fans want more of the series because they love it, but Season 4 ended on a huge cliffhanger and it's up in the air as to what will happen to start next season. Well, that is if there is a fifth season, but there is faith and positive reviews of Longmire's first season on Netflix have everyone hopeful.

The Facebook page known as Longmire Posse is going to do anything and everything possible to get attention to the series. An event is scheduled for this Wednesday, and it's being done as a demonstration to show Netflix how popular the series is and that it needs to continue.

"Be sure to join the Stampede next Wednesday night! It is so important that we demonstrate to Netflix that we are as engaged as ever! During the hour long Stampede, every share on Facebook of a Longmire Posse post, will go directly to Netflix & Longmire pages, as they will be tagged in every post! If you tweet, be sure to retweet all content with the hashtag on the poster, and @netflix in the tweet - as those too, will be seen by Netflix."

longmire netflix fifth season

After the third season on A&E, Longmire was cancelled and eventually picked up by Netflix for a fourth season. It was shopped around for a while and eventually grabbed by Netflix for a Season 4 premiere of September 10, 2015.

Parade Magazine spoke with Ally Walker who just recently joined the drama for its fourth season, and she believes that there is a future for Longmire. She speaks on the cliffhanger without giving away anything, but is "pretty sure I'm going back."

So, that isn't necessarily a confirmation that there will be a fifth season, but at least she is hopeful of one.

The Longmire Posse is doing much more than just the big event on Wednesday to get attention to the fan following the show has. They are asking fans to show Netflix their appreciation and love of Longmire by live-tweeting along with each and every episode.

— Longmire Posse (@LongmirePosse) October 3, 2015

Netflix has not given any indication of whether there will be a season five or not. Chances are that an announcement either way may not come for a while either. It was back in November of last year that Netflix officially picked up Longmire, and it ended up being close to 10 months before the next season officially began.

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The Longmire event on Wednesday night will surely bring a lot of fans together and rally up some great support, but it won't stop there. Until Netflix officially says there is a fifth season on the way, the events and contests and tweeting will not stop, and that's simply due to fans wanting Longmire to live on.

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