Leonardo DiCaprio: Deserving Of Oscar For Latest Role And Terrible Conditions, Miley Vape Drama Aside

Leonardo DiCaprio has certainly experienced great success as a leading, male actor in some of Hollywood’s most notable films under the guidance of the industry’s most innovative directors. However, regardless of all of DiCaprio’s top-notch performances, the Holy Grail of recognition, when it comes to the film world, has yet to be granted to him; DiCaprio has not won an Oscar for his efforts.

However, Leo DiCaprio hopefuls and film buffs are touting the star’s latest role in the film The Revenant as the performance that already has him in Oscar contention and just may be the ticket to the actor finally holding Oscar in his grip.

As Forbes notes, The Revenant is “one of two big Oscar pushes from 20th Century Fox…with the other being David O. Russell-directed Jennifer Lawrence vehicle Joy.” The publication offers the full synopsis of the film, in which DiCaprio stars and will hit theaters right around the holidays.

“Inspired by true events, THE REVENANT is an immersive and visceral cinematic experience capturing one man’s epic adventure of survival and the extraordinary power of the human spirit. In an expedition of the uncharted American wilderness, legendary explorer Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) is brutally attacked by a bear and left for dead by members of his own hunting team. In a quest to survive, Glass endures unimaginable grief as well as the betrayal of his confidant John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy). Guided by sheer will and the love of his family, [Leo’s character] must navigate a vicious winter in a relentless pursuit to live and find redemption.”

From what has been shared by the cast and crew who were on set to make the gritty film come to life, DiCaprio was put through some extreme conditions to bring film-goers The Revenant. Conditions were said to be so harsh that a number of cast and crew actually walked off set and quit. DiCaprio clearly stuck through the hellish conditions and perhaps should be held with even higher praise for his efforts because of it. The Guardian expands on the horrendous circumstances experienced by the film crew.

“[F]ilming The Revenant was nothing but hardship. A ‘living hell’ of a shoot, according to whistleblowers, with reports of the cast freezing in the Canadian wilderness and multiple crew members quitting under the tough conditions.The suffering came, in part, due to director Alejandro González Iñárritu’s determination not to use extensive CGI and cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki’s fondness for natural light. From the look of the first full-length trailer, their puritanism seems to have paid off.”

Tom Hardy and DiCaprio reportedly avoided questioning about just how terrible the conditions were during the shoot. As the publication mentions, it was likely well worth it due to the praise the film is already garnering. Only time will tell if the period piece and DiCaprio’s portrayal of a fur trapper, seeking his revenge for the murder of his son, will be his ticket to a win at the Academy Awards.

Watch the trailer for The Revenant.