Olivia Culpo: Tim Tebow’s New Girlfriend Reveals Strange Dating Trend For The Former NFL Quarterback

Olivia Culpo is the new girlfriend of Tim Tebow, proving that the former NFL quarterback has a knack for picking up rebounds off the Jonas brothers.

The 23-year-old Culpo is best known for her 2012 Miss Universe title, and for a recent, high-profile relationship with Nick Jonas. In the past few weeks, she has been allegedly romantically connected to Tebow.

Olivia Culpo and Tim Tebow have not confirmed the relationship, but sources say they have been dating for about a month.

“Tim and Olivia are dating but trying to keep out of the public eye as much as they can,” a source told E! News, exclusively. “Olivia had a hard time after the break up with Nick Jonas but took time for herself and focused on work and is in a great place now.”

“She is very open to getting to know Tim and exploring the chance of something more with him,” the source said. “She is really attracted to Tim’s personality. They are having a great time with each other and are looking to spend more time once the football season slows down. Olivia is excited whats developing as they get to know each other more.”

The source went on to say that the relationship is still in the early phases but that Tebow appears smitten with his pageant queen girlfriend. But, they are also taking efforts to keep the relationship very quiet, and have not yet been photographed together.

Olivia Culpo was also known for her recent relationship with singer Nick Jonas, making it a strange trend for Tim Tebow. Though the reportedly religious Tebow has not been one for high-profile relationships, in 2012 he gained fame for dating actress Camilla Belle.

Like Culpo, Belle started dating Tim Tebow after breaking up with a Jonas brother (although, that time it was Joe Jonas).

Camilla Belle’s dating preferences seemed to match up well with Tebow’s, reported Pop Blend writer Mack Rawden.

“If Camilla sounds familiar to you, it’s probably for one of three reasons. 1) She’s an actress with a slew of credits to her name including Push, Jurassic Park 2, When A Stranger Calls and 10,000 BC. 2) She is smoking hot. 3) She apparently has a thing for people who want to stay a virgin until marriage. Belle was in a high profile relationship with Joe Jonas back in 2008-2009, and considering there aren’t that many high profile male virgins in Hollywood, that seems like more than a coincidence.”

Tim Tebow appears to have a lot going on in his life right now. While he is quietly dating Olivia Culpo, Tebow is also rumored to be close to an NFL comeback. After a stronger-than-expected showing in his comeback with the Philadelphia Eagles this preseason, Tebow ended up being cut but has been the center of a number of rumors regarding another comeback.

Many believed that the Dallas Cowboys would call on Tebow after their quarterback, Tony Romo, went down with an injury. The Cowboys ended up passing on Tebow and trading for veteran Matt Cassel instead, but a number of other teams are rumored to be thinking about Tebow as a solution to their quarterback woes (including the Washington Redskins and Pittsburgh Steelers).

Overall, Tim Tebow and Olivia Culpo seem a bit of an odd fit. While Camilla Belle appeared to fit his lifestyle and beliefs, Culpo may not. When she dated Nick Jonas, he famously admitted that he no longer wore the purity ring he became known for as a teen, admitting that he was no longer a virgin. Tebow has often expressed a desire to save himself for marriage, closely tied to his conservative religious beliefs.

[Photos by Rich Schultz/Getty Images, Olivia Culpo/Instagram]