WWE Rumors: John Cena Taking Extended Absence From The Ring, Could Be Getting Burned Out

The WWE could soon be without its biggest name, with rumors that John Cena is planning to take an extended and unexplained absence from the ring and may be getting burned out from going for years without a break.

Sources claim that Cena will be stepping away from the WWE for several weeks, and the reason isn’t entirely clear.

The news was first reported by Wrestling Observer, which claimed that John Cena has been trying to get time off since the summer. Complex noted that Cena isn’t listed on the WWE schedule at all after the Hell in the Cell event later this month.

If the WWE rumors are true, then Cena could simply need some time away from the ring, and would be willing to give up a belt to get it.

Complex explained what will need to happen for Cena to take a break.

“One thing that will definitely happen is Cena losing that United States title. Hell, he could lose it as early as Oct. 3 at Madison Square Garden, where the title is on the line against Seth Rollins in a steel cage. If not, any time before (or on) Hell in a Cell would do as well. Either way, with the recent Raw ratings hitting a serious low, Cena going away from television isn’t going to help… unless they have a FIRE angle on the way.”

The WWE confirmed those rumors this week, removing John Cena from the schedule of events until December 30, when he will appear at live event in Toronto. The WWE did confirm to the Washington Post that Cena “will not be appearing as part of WWE’s European tour this November due to personal reasons,” but did not elaborate on what those personal reasons could be.

Overwork could be one of them. As one of the most popular stars in the WWE, Cena has worked a very busy schedule in the ring, working close to seven days a week. He may be trying to avoid going the same route as CM Punk, who logged so many hours in the ring that he ended up too bogged down with injuries to continue his career.

In November of last year, CM Punk opened up about his decision to leave the WWE in January 2014, accusing the WWE of disregarding his health in order to capitalize off his star power.

Zap2It shared some of the details.

“Once when he was supposed to rehab from a knee surgery for four-to-six weeks, WWE booked him to appear in a ‘TLC’ (Tables, ladders and chairs) match only three weeks after the procedure. Another time, he believed he had a concussion, but somehow passed WWE’s concussion test with ‘flying colors.’ (At the time he questioned the test’s effectiveness.) Perhaps the most serious circumstance of WWE neglect was when a WWE doctor told him a mass on his back was nothing serious, but it ended up being a staph infection that had been untreated for so long it could have killed him.”

While John Cena has not expressed the same kind of disdain for the WWE, he appear to be just as overworked. That extends beyond his work in the ring, with Cena blossoming into a Hollywood star and spending increasing time filming movie roles.

That includes an appearance in the movie Sisters, which is set to be released in December, just two weeks before he returns to the WWE ring.

If the WWE rumors are true and John Cena is getting burned out, it could be bad news for the organization’s already shaky ratings. There were reports in the last week that boss Vince McMahon is getting nervous over dropping television ratings, and could be planning a big shakeup in response. Missing the WWE’s marquee star would certainly make that a lot more difficult.

[Picture by JP Yim/Getty Images]