Bradley Cooper: Getting 'Burnt' And New Workout Buddies

Bradley Cooper has come off starring roles in a string of successful films and plays recently, and his latest efforts can be briefly viewed in a new clip for the film entitled Burnt. The 40-year-old actor is said to have based his character on the fiery celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey, among others.

Design & Trend relays the subject matter of Cooper's role as Adam Jones in this culinary-based drama.

"Cooper, in the film, plays a disgraced, formerly drug-addicted chef who's determined to redeem himself by winning three Michelin stars at his new restaurant. The actor, 40, said he based his character off Gordon Ramsay, Marco Pierre White and Marcus Wareing."
Cooper, himself, chatted with Yahoo News on the subject of his inspiration for his character.
"He's a combination. Little things he does, physical things, are basically things I stole from all three of those guys. It wasn't conscious, but going back and watching the movie I see, 'Oh yeah: That's him... that's him... [and] that's him.'"
The Oscar Award nominee shared how he feels just as much " intensity" at his station within the kitchen for the movie Burnt as he did while out on the war path in American Sniper, and while on stage in last year's Tony-nominated The Elephant Man.

Bradley Cooper admits to taking his time and compiling vast amounts of research based on his role for the film. He also communicates that seeing as filming came between his role in American Sniper and performances of The Elephant Man, he had much less time to prepare. Jokingly, Cooper shares that the role as a master chef allowed him to find out how little he knows about cooking. However, the actor was forced to get familiar as no stand-in chefs were allowed. Bradley explains the director's strict expectations.

"That was the thing [director] John Wells was adamant about. There were no inserts. There's no cooking double for Adam Jones. Everything in the movie I'm actually doing. The stakes were high. Marcus prepared and created all of the meals that we cooked. There are so many little things in the movie that Adam does that's just straight from Marcus — from the way he has a spoon in his hand all the time to the way he talks to everybody. [That's] The mindset you have to have."
The film Burnt opens in theaters on October 23 and also stars Sienna Miller, Omar Sy, Emma Thompson, Uma Thurman, Daniel Brühl, Alicia Vikander, and Lily James. Cooper fans are sure to see the actor in a new environment, but one that, from what it sounds like, he has sought out to master.

Watch the trailer for Burnt.In order to slim down from his American Sniper heavy exterior, Cooper had to hit the gym a little harder for his role in Burnt. Bradley is typically in top form from all of his gym visits, and People shares that the star has been spotted on many occasions sweating it out with other A-listers. The publication even goes so far as to deem the gym Cooper and his friends frequent as a secondary red carpet.

"Ashley Greene and Bradley Cooper recently sweat it out together at Rise Nation Fitness Studio in West Hollywood, California. The Twilight star, 28, posted an Instagram photo with the actor, 40 — dressed down in a gray T-shirt and baseball cap — along with the gym's owner, personal trainer Jason Walsh."
Ashley Greene and Bradley Cooper at the fitness center; image via Instagram
Ashley Greene and Bradley Cooper at the fitness center; image via Instagram

In addition, People shares that not only do Cooper and Greene make Rise Nation their workout destination of choice, but so does Hilary Duff. It's clear that pressures are turned up for celebs to look their best in order to be cast in sought-after roles. Why not make the grueling workouts a social event?

(Feature photo Dimitrios Kambouris; Getty Images)