‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6: Jon Snow Spotted On Set, Plus Who Else May Return From The Dead?

New images from the set of Season 6 of Game of Thrones have been released online. With the upcoming season, the first to not be based directly off the book series, there are many mysteries heading into the season. With that in mind, the images offer a glimpse at what fans can expect to unfold in the hit fantasy drama.

In particular, the images shed a little more light on some of the alliances that are ahead and how Jon Snow (Kit Harington) will play a role in all of it. Although Jon’s fate has been by far the biggest controversy following his death last season, it still isn’t known how much of a role he will play in the new season. The only thing we know is that Harington has been spotted on set, so his character will back in some capacity.

In fact, according to Vanity Fair, one photo features Harington dressed in full Stark armor, which indicates that he may have Winterfell in his sights. With his home being taken over by the Boltons, Jon might be set to start a rebellion against the Boltons and recover Winterfell.

In addition to the photos of Harington, another image reveals that more battles are on the way this season. The photo features a number of different men with their backs turned while holding various banners, including House Stark, House Mormont, and House Hornwood.

The presence of these specific houses seems to point towards the idea that a Stark will be leading some of the northern armies. This is important as the houses declared they would not unite under Stannis’ leadership. Whether this leader turns out to be Jon, Rickon, or even Sansa is yet to be seen.

After their escape, will Theon and Sansa make their way to Winterfell? [Image Courtesy: HBO] After their escape, will Theon and Sansa make their way to Winterfell? [Image Courtesy: HBO]Speaking of Sansa, it is possible that she might be set to head up north with Theon for a little family reunion with her brother. If that is the case, then this would mark the first time two members of the Stark family have be united since way back in season one of Game of Thrones. It also means that the new season will be focusing heavily on House Stark.

With the Stark family being a major story line this season, is it possible that we finally might find out who Jon’s mother is? This seems to be a good possibility as a few of the leaked images show Ned Stark in a number of flashback scenes.

Ned Stark is rumored to appear in flashbacks in season 6 of 'Game of Thrones' [Image Courtesy: HBO] Ned Stark is rumored to appear in flashbacks in season 6 of ‘Game of Thrones’ [Image Courtesy: HBO]If Ned reveals who Jon’s mother is then we could be heading for some kind of fight over who should be crowned the king of the north. This would make things interesting considering Rickon’s claim to the throne, and it might even lead to a temporary alliance in order to take down the hated Boltons.

With that in mind, a major battle also seems to be in the works in the new season. In fact, such a battle is expected to occur around the 9th episode of Season 6, and apparently the production crew members are calling it the “Battle of the Six Armies,” referencing the last film in The Hobbit series.

Major battles aside, it will be great to finally see if at least some members of the Stark family are reunited. While they’ve been close in having such a reunion in the past, it’s been tragic in many ways to see them separated for so long. Additionally, if they all come together to fight, and hopefully defeat, the dreaded Boltons, then all the better.

With cast and crew members currently in the thick of production, Season 6 of Game of Thrones is expected to premiere sometime in early 2016 on HBO.

[Image Courtesy: HBO]