October 1, 2015
‘Knights Of The Fallen Empire’ Expansion Ushering In Big Cartel Market Changes For ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’

Later this month, Star Wars: The Old Republic players will be able to experience an all-new, engaging storyline with the release of the "Knights of the Fallen Empire" expansion. With its launch, the level cap for players will increase, players will begin recruiting new and existing companions, and characters will become Outlanders in a brand new story focusing on the new enemy: the Emperor of the Eternal Empire.

"Knight of the Fallen Empire" will also accompany a number of changes to the in-game store in Star Wars: The Old Republic. In the most recent developer blog, BioWare producer Dan Bunten explains how the Cartel Market will be updated when the expansion launches. Three main facets of the Cartel Market will be improved according to the developer, and those are improving the Collections interface, simplifying Cartel Market rarity, and providing access to items in embargoed packs.

First of all, the Collections interface in Star Wars: The Old Republic will see several improvements. Players will be able to filter their Collection, all interface options will start off in a collapsed state for easier selection, a numerical indicator for the number of outfit pieces will be displayed, and characters that unlocked an item can now purchase unlocks in the Collections tab. All of these changes ensure an easier user experience where players can find what they have unlocked or wish to unlock quicker.

Star Wars: The Old Republic
Star Wars: The Old Republic's Knights of the Fallen Empire - BioWare

Changes to the rarity of items are also coming when "Knights of the Fallen Empire" releases. Right now, items from the Cartel Market are identified as Rare, Super Rare, or Ultra Rare. To clarify an item's rarity to a player more clearly, these items will now carry Bronze, Silver, and Gold rarities to match the Cartel Market icon present on items. Rare and Ultra Rare items have no distinction currently but they will when they are distinguished between Silver and Gold. All items in the Cartel Market of Star Wars: The Old Republic will be receiving a pass on their rarity depending on player popularity. For example, a Rare item now might not directly translate into a Bronze item later. If the item is popular it could be considered a Silver item when the update goes live.

Finally, the monthly packs found in the Cartel Market will drastically change when "Knights of the Fallen Empire" launches. More quality items will be baseline in the packs, each pack will guarantee two rewards: one of which will definitely be of a higher quality, and pack embargoes will no longer mean the complete absence of an item. New Bronze, Silver, and Gold packs will carry desirable items from monthly packs for the foreseeable future even after the original pack leaves the Cartel Market. These new tier packs will give Star Wars: The Old Republic players a way to purchase their most coveted items even after a pack retires. Be sure to check out the full blog post for details.

"Knights of the Fallen Empire" launches on October 27 and is free to subscribers. As the Inquisitr reported, when the expansion launches, subscribers will be able to start one character at level 60. This level is the jumping off point for the content in "Knights of the Fallen Empire" as the expansion lets characters level up to 65. Starting at level 60 lets new and veteran players alike jump right into what the expansion has to offer.

Star Wars: The Old Republic
Star Wars: The Old Republic's Knights of the Fallen Empire - BioWare

Subscribing appears to be the only way to access the new content in "Knights of the Fallen Empire." According to the BioWare FAQ on the expansion, "you must be an active subscriber to receive the expansion." It will launch with nine story chapters with more being added to Star Wars: The Old Republic as time progresses. Being subscribed on the expansion's release date will guarantee access to the first nine chapters even if the player immediately cancels a subscription after its release. Players can even wait to subscribe until all chapters are released to gain access to the entire story for just one subscription. However, that would mean putting off the experience of the newest content for the game for quite some time considering subsequent chapters will start releasing in early 2016.

With the release of "Knights of the Fallen Empire," players will also be able to create up to 40 characters on one server, and players will be able to purchase additional level 60 characters that do not count against the 40-character limit. What are you looking forward to the most about the "Knights of the Fallen Empire" launches?

[Images via BioWare]