‘Big Brother 17’ Romance Update: Are Austin Matelson And Liz Nolan Still Together?

Big Brother 17 stars Austin Matelson and Liz Nolan lost out on the big money prize this summer, but they indicate that they still managed to walk away with something fabulous. BB17 fans may not have expected this couple to last beyond the house, but they say that they are doing well and giving a real relationship a go. What’s the latest from these two?

Austin and Liz have been sharing some photos showing them together as a couple on social media since wrapping up Big Brother 17, and TMZ shares an update that Matelson and Nolan are, indeed, together. The site connected with Austin, who shares that he and Liz are dating exclusively now.

Not only are Austin and Liz an official item in the real world, they say, but the BB17 stars have already met one another’s families, as well. Things may have gotten off to a hesitant start with the two, as Austin had a girlfriend at home and Liz was not initially attracted to him, but it seems love is in the air.

At the moment, this Big Brother 17 romance is a long distance one, though. Matelson lives in Los Angeles, California, while Nolan lives in Miami, Florida. However, despite the BB17 finale having aired only a matter of days ago, it seems that Liz is packing her bags to make a move to Los Angeles to be with Austin.

This pairing stirred up a lot of controversy and criticism throughout the run of Big Brother 17, and it doesn’t look like that has stopped. Though they definitely have their fans who support them on social media, it is clear from the TMZ comment section that there are still plenty of doubters and critics. Not only that, but there seem to be signs that Liz’s twin sister, Julia, who also did the show, still isn’t the biggest fan of her sister’s beau or relationship, either.

Despite all of the criticism, Austin and Liz say they are making a go of a relationship in the real world. Liz shared a picture on Instagram from their time together in the BB17 backyard, while Austin posted a picture of him with Liz in Santa Monica, noting that she is his love.



Are Matelson and Nolan really in love, or are they just looking to extend the celebrity they currently have thanks to being on the most recent season of Big Brother? Show fans aren’t too sure at this point. Granted, there are some long-term couples who have made it work outside the house, though plenty have faltered.

Big Brother fans know that Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd have stuck together since first appearing together, and they have even set a wedding date. In addition, Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly made their relationship work. They got married and recently announced that they are expecting their first baby.

Daniele Donato and Dominic Briones quietly formed a real relationship after competing on Big Brother 13, and they got married in January, 2013. Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson from Big Brother 15 split a few months after wrapping the show, but Season 16 stars Nicole Franzel and Hayden Voss are still together and doing well. The two recently celebrated their first anniversary as a couple.


Time will tell whether Austin Matelson and Liz Nolan have what it takes to become the next successful couple to come from the Big Brother franchise. Season 17 was definitely a controversial one in many ways, with Austin and Liz right in the thick of it all, but fans can’t wait to see what CBS pulls together for Season 18 next summer.

[Photos by Sonja Flemming / CBS Press Express]

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