October 1, 2015
'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Eve Explodes, Chad Pushes, And Abigail Plans

More drama is brewing in Salem on Days of Our Lives. Spoilers detail that Thursday's show will feature more of Chad as he scrambles to prove his innocence, while Abigail is working on plans that may well never come to fruition. What can everybody expect from the October 1 show?

She Knows Soaps teases that during Thursday's episode, Justin will get a lead on where Chad might be. As viewers saw on Wednesday, Chad went looking for the man he argued with the night Serena died. He found the man, but he wasn't successful in convincing him to go to the police to provide Chad with an alibi.

Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Chad will not give up on the man easily. He is desperate to prove he is not the Necktie Killer, and it seems he will work to convince the man to help him.

Will his efforts work? It's not clear quite yet when Chad will be dismissed as a primary suspect, but it is known that the killer's carnage will continue for a bit yet. From the sounds of things, Chad will have to turn to his father, Stefano, for help before all is said and done.

Elsewhere in Salem, Eve is struggling a great deal in the wake of her daughter's death. Celeb Dirty Laundry notes that Eve will tear into Jennifer during Thursday's episode.

Though viewers will have to tune in to see why, many are guessing that Eve will lay some blame at Jennifer's feet in regards to JJ and Paige's relationship. Paige's funeral will play out on Friday's show, and it is known that Eve's struggles will continue.

'Days of Our Lives' star Kate Mansi

DOOL fans now know that Ben seems to be behind the deaths in Salem, but his fiancée, Abigail, is completely unaware. Days of Our Lives spoilers share that she will be working on some wedding planning in Thursday's episode.

Teasers indicate that she will ask someone unexpected for some help in the planning. While it is not known for certain yet who she will turn to, some suspect Theresa could be involved on this front. Though it is pretty unlikely that Abigail and Ben will end up tying the knot, it seems things may come close before it all explodes.

The drama is only going to escalate from here, as the week of October 5 is slated to be a big one for DOOL fans. Days of Our Lives spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry reveal that Will Horton is going to come across a clue regarding the Necktie Killer case, and it could be a devastating discovery.

Word came out not long ago that Guy Wilson is joining the growing list of DOOL exits, a move that surprises many of the show's fans. Though the show has not confirmed that Will is being killed off, many suspect that is indeed the case.

Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Will comes across this incriminating clue on the October 8 episode, and another murder takes place on the October 9 show. While it's not confirmed yet that Will is the one killed next, many suspect that will be the case. However, there are a number of other character exits coming soon as well, so viewers will want to stay tuned to see how it all transpires.

Robert Scott Wilson, Kate Mansi and Billy Flynn of 'Days of Our Lives'

How will Chad manage to prove that he's not the Necktie Killer? Are there twists and turns coming up yet regarding Ben being the one murdering people in Salem? How will Abigail ultimately figure into all of this as it comes together? Fans are dying to see what comes next as the drama plays out on Days of Our Lives this fall.

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