October 1, 2015
WWE News: Roman Reigns Talks Possible Shield Reunion And Winning Back The Fans

Roman Reigns has had a controversial road to the top of WWE. During his run to WrestleMania 31 last year, he was set to win the WWE World Heavyweight championship. Until the WWE Universe rained on the parade of the WWE Creative team, those were the solid plans. In fact, they didn't change the result of the main event until the night before WrestleMania 31.

Whether that was a blow to Reigns' career or not, it was the proper move by WWE. The fans didn't want to see him win it, and enough of the WWE Universe made an impact. Seth Rollins cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase was the appropriate move.

Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar WWE WrestleMania

Fast-forward nearly six months later, Reigns and Bray Wyatt are in an intense feud. It's not for a championship, but it is for pride. On WWE RAW, these men had a great match that ended with a huge spear onto the announce table. With Reigns and Wyatt set for a huge bout at Hell in a Cell, the former WWE Tag-Team champion talked about new developments in the future for a former stable.

In a recent interview with Fox Sports, Roman Reigns discussed a possible reunion for the Shield and winning back the fans after last year's debacle.

"It's tough because I enjoy what I'm doing now. I enjoy being a singles guy. I enjoy commanding the stage with myself and an opponent. It's a different process when you're teammates. Especially with the way we work. We're very unselfish with how we work together in so many different regards. Not just what you see as the final product of the match. Just strategizing, psychology, teamwork. What made us so empowering is that we helped each other and we always looked out for each other and you didn't see that in wrestling too often. Even in factions, it's a very individual game, but The Shield, we were just iron-clad brothers in black. We made it more about the group than anything. I miss that. I miss that camaraderie.

It's been a work in progress. The crowd is the crowd. You're gonna take them as an individual performer how you take them. The key is how do you learn from them. How do you use whatever is happening reaction-wise to get better."

Reigns had a lot of interesting things to say. To address the WWE Universe, they aren't for him like they were for Daniel Bryan or CM Punk -- especially after one of them attacked Reigns with a Money in the Bank briefcase, it really goes to show what the WWE fans think of Reigns. He's over with the younger demographic, but it's the older audience that is questionable with him.

He may win the WWE World Heavyweight championship at WrestleMania 32. If the officials believe that he is ready, it could be the year of Reigns. Then again, if the Shield reunites in the near-future, anything is possible. Aside from Roman Reigns turning heel, the Shield coming back is the best thing for Dean Ambrose and Reigns.

the Shield WWE Reunion

Due to the way WWE has booked both men, something needs to be done to get them into WWE's main event picture. Before this could take place, Rollins would have to turn face. If he feuds with Triple H, then perhaps the result of that is a face turn for the WWE champion.

The WWE Universe's reaction alone wouldn't allow them to be heels at first. Reigns, Rollins, and Ambrose would create one of the best moments in WWE history. Plus, that will let one of them turn heel on the other soon after the reunion. Just so they don't copy the Rollins heel turn, the man turning heel wouldn't join the Authority. Either way, Roman Reigns could be on his way to the main event scene, and a Shield reunion should be step one.

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