Niall Horan On The Warpath With Paparazzi

One Direction star Niall Horan seems to have the Irish temperament. In recent months Niall has been quick to speak his mind when things have upset him. Niall has lashed out at fans who are rude and overly persistent in seeking selfies and autographs. Horan has also slammed fans and others who insist on chasing One Direction's cars along the highway. Now Niall has another target firmly in his sights, this time the paparazzi have upset Horan by being rude to fans. Judging by his reaction, Niall has no intention of letting them get away with it either.

Back at the beginning of August Niall showed his displeasure at those who were disrupting his stay in New York City. Niall took to twitter to ask fans to "lay of the chases today" because he wanted to "relax and enjoy the city with his friends."

This is clearly something that Horan and his bandmates, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne feel strongly about. On a number of occasions during their current world tour, Niall and other members of the band have asked fans for a little privacy so that they could enjoy some down-time. Of course no One Direction fan would set out to deliberately upset Horan or his mates but getting time out of the limelight is not easy when you are one quarter of the worlds biggest boy-band.

Niall Horan

Sadly for Horan the gossip columns and the paparazzi in particular are less accommodating when it comes to allowing Niall a bit of privacy. If you live life in the spotlight, being stalked by paparazzi photographers is an occupational hazard but Niall has laid down a very clear marker on what he finds unacceptable.

Yahoo! Celebrity report that photographers crossed the line last night when one was rude to a One Direction fan. It seems that a fan was about to take a selfie with Niall when the photographer shouted at the fan to "get out of the way" to enable them to get a better shot. Niall was not impressed and was quick to remind everyone that One Direction's success is down to the fans and not to the paparazzi who do "nothing" for them.

Horan took to Twitter to lay out a very clear message. Niall said that he "absolutely hates some of those paps" called them "nasty people" and finished up by saying "don't ever tell one of our fans to get out of the way."

Niall continued "you can get a s**t picture of me walking into a night club that you will get £10 for" he continued "you do nothing for me, so you get out of the way."

According to Goss the incident took place outside a London night club where Horan had gone to relax after finishing up the last of a six-night concert run at the O2 arena. Niall and his pals now have just 19 shows left on their massive "On The Road Again" Tour. Horan and the boys wrap the tour up in Sheffield at the end of this month.

[Photo by Mat Hayward/Quinn Rooney/Getty Images]