Jim Carrey’s Tragic Ex, Cathriona White, Was A Scientologist And Took Intensive ‘Survival Courses’ Before Her Suicide

Cathriona White, Jim Carrey’s tragic ex-girlfriend, was revealed to be involved with the Church of Scientology, and was taking “survival” classes for the religion, before she committed suicide in her Sherman Oaks home last week, the Daily Mail reports.

Tony Ortega, a journalist and Scientology critic who appeared in Alex Gibney’s HBO documentary Going Clear, revealed the details of Cathriona’s involvement with Scientology in his blog. Two friends of Cathriona White provided Tony with the details.

Cathriona, an Irish make up artist, was discovered dead Monday night in her home by two friends who wanted to check on her. After seeing Cathriona’s lifeless body, they called the police. After an initial investigation wherein they found pills and a suicide note alongside the body, the police declared suicide as a possible cause of death.

Cathriona White and Hollywood comedian Jim Carrey have been dating on-and-off since 2012. Daily Mail reports that the couple broke up on September 24, days before Cathriona committed suicide.

White, who was active across many social media platforms, posted her final (and ominous) tweet on September 25, a day after her breakup with Carrey.

White also shared an Instagram photo on the same day. The caption (a passage from a Yeats poem) was just as ominous.


Tony Ortega’s blog revealed that prior to her reported suicide, Cathriona White was in the process of completing her Scientology “objectives,” which included a “Survival Rundown” wherein members have to go through tasks while being quizzed by another member of the group.

“Her friends tell us Cathriona got involved in Scientology four to five years ago through members of Beck’s circle of friends,” writes Ortega. “They encouraged her to move to the US from Ireland and take Scientology courses.”

Ortega also revealed that Cathriona’s friends were worried about her being romantically involved with Carrey again early this year – until Church of Scientology intervened and “calmed” them down. According to them, Scientology representatives said that Cathriona was emotionally ready to date the actor again and was about to finish her objectives for “Purif.”

According to Ortega, Purif is a “purification process invented by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard that he claimed could ‘detoxify’ the body through an intense regimen of daily sauna sessions and massive doses of the vitamin niacin.”

Tony Ortega did not make clear on whether the two friends who gave him the information were the same two friends who discovered Cathriona White at her home.

Jim Carrey released a statement Tuesday following the news of Cathriona’s suspected suicide.

“She was a truly kind and delicate Irish flower, too sensitive for the soil, to whom loving and being loved was all that sparkled.My heart goes out to her family and friends and to everyone who loved and cared about her. We have all been hit with a lightning bolt.”

A person identified as White’s neighbor told The Sun that Cathriona appeared “paranoid and depressed” days before news of the make up artist’s death broke out.

“She wasn’t smiling. She seemed paranoid – she’d also installed security cameras all over the property in the last couple of months.”

Another neighbor also said that Cathriona White was a very private person and had lived in the house for a few months.

Daily Mail reported on Wednesday that Jim Carrey attended a party in Hollywood the same day his ex-girlfriend committed suicide. The report revealed photos of Jim Carrey smiling and chatting with numerous women. The photos were taken two hours after Cathriona White posted her final tweet.



Cathriona White’s body is scheduled to be flown to County Tipperary where she will be buried next to her father at Cappawhite Cemetry.

[Image by Cathriona White/Getty Images]

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