'Longmire' Fans Plan Online Event To Help With Season 5 Renewal

Fans of Longmire are doing everything that they can to make sure that this show gets renewed for season 5. At this time, Netflix has not officially renewed or canceled Longmire and the fans are very hopeful. Now the Longmire fans are getting together for a huge event to let Netflix know how bad they want this show to return for more season in the future. The Facebook page "Longmire Posse, Official Fan Site" is the one behind this big event that will take place on October 7 and will all be online.

This Longmire event is one that you do not want to miss. You simply have to log on a computer and do everything online from wherever you are at and you can participate. Here is what the Longmire Posse shared about the upcoming event.

"Be sure to join the Stampede next Wednesday night! It is so important that we demonstrate to Netflix that we are as engaged as ever! During the hour long Stampede, every share on Facebook of a Longmire Posse post, will go directly to Netflix & Longmire pages, as they will be tagged in every post! If you tweet, be sure to retweet all content with the hashtag on the poster, and @netflix in the tweet - as those too, will be seen by Netflix."
At this time, Longmire has not been renewed yet. It does sound like the reason behind this is the fact that not everyone binge watches the show immediately. Longmire fans could be taking their time to watch all 10 episodes. They will need to wait for all of the Longmire ratings to be in and that just hasn't happened yet. Hopefully, the fans letting Netflix know how they feel will help get Longmire at least one more season and maybe more.


The "Longmire Posse" shared that they feel very positive about another season of the show, but they also want to make sure that Netflix knows that the fans that got them to take on the show in the first place are still here and wanting more of it. Longmire was originally canceled by A&E and then Netflix picked it up giving Longmire another chance.

"Longmire Posse" shared another post making sure that fans know what is going on and don't miss the big Stampede Event.

"Get your horses and graphics ready, Posse. We ride one week from today! Please share! Wednesday, October 7th at 9pm ET/8CT/7MT/6PT, all will hear our thunder as we Stampede for 1 hour, for #Longmire S5 on Netflix! Post and share on Facebook, tweet and retweet on Twitter, always using the hashtag in the poster and tagging @Netflix."
If you are a fan of Longmire and hoping for another season on Netflix, make sure that you show up to this event. You will want to use their hashtags and tag Netflix in posts. This is going to get the word out that Longmire is a show that fans want to see come back for season 5.


Some fans have already watched Longmire season 4 on Netflix, but if you haven't had a chance to watch Longmire yet, it is still there for you to watch. All four seasons of Longmire are available for instant watching on Netflix. This is the only way to catch up on this amazing show if you have not seen it yet.

Are you hoping that Longmire gets renewed for season 5 on Netflix? Will you be attending the big Stampede event on October 7? Sound off in the comments section on your thoughts on the event and Longmire needing to return for at least one more season on Netflix.

[Picture Source Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]