Here Is Possibly Why The Drake-Future ‘Jumpman’ Game Is So Addicting

Antonio J. Newell - Author

Oct. 1 2015, Updated 9:19 a.m. ET

Drake and Future as a video game? The duo strikes again with another take on one of the tracks from What a Time to Be Alive. “Jumpman,” the game, appears to be addicting.

Interestingly enough, you can choose to be Drake, Future, or Metro Boomin. Drake’s character appears to be the popular meme of himself smiling big…cheesing, if you will. Future’s character looks like one from a post-award show interview. And Metro’s character’s facial expression seems to indicate that he “Wants Some More.”

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After selecting your artist of choice — whether Drizzy, Future or Boomin — the addiction begins. While the instructions are quite clear-cut, if you’re not used to playing video games with keyboard controls, you may still have a slight issue at the start. However, after a few tries, it could become simplistically fun.

Basically, the Drake/Future “Jumpman” game is played with the right and left arrows and the spacebar. For instance, if you were to choose Drake, it instantly activates. Drizzy’s head would bounce like a basketball. Ideally, you would use the “moving levels” — which coincidentally look like rolled “papers” — to make your way up the stage. Ironically, the higher you go, the more points you receive.

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Then, there are also point and level boosters. From the visual on-look, these boosters look like some sort of “enhancement pill.” Once the head bounces on the pill, it soars passed several levels. Maybe this is why Drake’s icon is smiling so big? Oxymoronically subliminal, this Drizzy/Future interactive space isn’t meant to be something to send a message. It’s just a little fun.

There’s been no confirmation whether or not Drake and Future actually have anything at all to do with the “Jumpman” game. What is known, though, is that it was featured on Noisey, Complex, and Fader. Moreover, the site was assembled by a Twitter user named “Adam.” Apparently, it was made as a promotional for a video site called VTYO! The headline of the site reads as follows.

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“Welcome to VTYO! — the world’s premier, digital music video channel. Discover new artists first, and support independent music online!”

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Essentially, it looks to be similar to YouTube, Vimeo, and other video-streaming sites. As of right now, the site has nearly 900 Facebook likes, according to the website’s embedded count. So, the makers probably got the bright idea to combine two of the most popular user experiences — Drake and Future and addictive gaming.

As reports Hot New Hip Hop, the game resembles another highly interactive app, Doodle Jump. And honestly, it does. MacWorld claims that it’s “insanely addictive!”

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There’s even a Spongebob version of the game.

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Yet, to digress, amid all the Drake and Future — as well as Doodle Jump — recent hype, it’s only “marketing genius” to develop such a game for promotional purposes. And name it a relevantly collaborative name like “Jumpman,” no less.

As far as the music is concerned, you have the option of turning off the music and playing in silence. However, the song that plays by default is possibly obvious by now. As a hint, it was featured on Drizzy and Future’s new mixtape.

While this has been widely called one of Drake’s projects, What a Time to Be Alive was actually a collaborative, spur-of-the-moment effort. In a previous article from Inquisitr, it discussed how Drake came across the opportunity. The “Hotline Bling” artist recalls that he only went to Atlanta for six days and, next thing you know, they had an album.

Also, while Metro Boomin has been known to produce a lot of Future’s songs, it’s also rumor that Drake is using him in his still-to-come album, Views from the 6.

Nevertheless, all in all, what do you think about the “Jumpman” game? Who do you find yourself picking more or less? Are you still excited about Drake’s upcoming album? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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