‘Destiny’ Patch Fixes Sunbreaker Spam And Strike, Doesn’t Touch Black Spindle

Scott Grill - Author

Sep. 30 2015, Updated 10:40 a.m. ET

Bungie released a new hotfix patch to Destiny on Tuesday, aiming to fix a few issues with the PlayStation and Xbox game that have cropped up over the past week. The promised nerf to the Exotic Black Spindle Sniper Rifle has still yet to arrive, however.

The Destiny patch touches on three issues, and two of those are loot related. Players noticed that beating Valus Ta’aurc at the end of the Cerberus Vae III Strike resulted in no loot following last week’s hotfix. This new patch corrects that issue so that the once mother of all bullet-sponge bosses now drops the goods again.

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The second loot issue deals with chests in the game world. Players were occasionally not receiving any loot when opening these. It’s unknown how widespread this issue was as many never experienced it. Still, it is fixed for those that did run into this particular issue.

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Finally, the Titan Sunbreaker received a nerf of sorts. Players discovered that they activate the sub-class’ super ability and send a nigh unending stream of fiery hammers by rapidly tapping all bumpers and triggers on their PlayStation or Xbox controller. The desired side effect was that super energy was not drained as quickly as part of this hammer spamming.

This was most effective in Destiny PVE activities, where players could stand in one place and spam approaching enemies, as you can see in the video below. The devastation of hammers would quickly clear out troublesome areas such as the stairway of Precursors in the Undying Mind Strike. It was not anywhere near as effective during any of the Crucible PVP matches.

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The new Destiny patch fixes this issue. This brings Sunbreakers down to only around five hammers per super activation, which still makes them extremely deadly but not as cheese-filled. Here are the patch notes Bungie provided for the Destiny hotfix:


  • Fixed an issue where Titan Sunbreakers could rapidly spam the Hammer of Sol attack
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  • Fixed an issue where players were occasionally not getting loot when opening chests


  • Fixed an issue where players were not earning their rightfully-owed equipment from Valus Ta’aurc

As mentioned above, the one thing missing from these patch notes is the promised nerf to The Black Spindle. This is the Exotic Sniper Rifle that can only be obtained from the “Lost to Light” mission when it is in the Daily Heroic Mission playlist.

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A pair of players accidentally discovered the alternate path in the “Lost to Light” mission that allowed them to fight a horde of Taken enemies and a timer to receive the Black Spindle as a reward at the end. Destiny players went crazy over the news, in part because of the implications of hidden paths like this and also because the weapon’s attack rating was at 310, the current max level in the game. Bungie quickly recognized that the attack rating for the Black Spindle was out of whack.

“Right this every minute, many of you are acquiring Black Spindle. Surprise!” Bungie wrote in response to the discovery of the weapon.

“Wouldn’t you know it, there is a bug that is enabling some of these weapons to drop at 310 — that’s 20 points higher than intended. In the near future, we’ll be releasing an update that will adjust the Black Spindle to match the attack rating for other Year Two Exotics,” the developer explained.

Only, that change has still not come. This is actually fascinating, as Bungie has released two hotfix patches since the discovery of the Black Spindle and has not fixed the weapon yet. Either it is lower on the list of priorities, or changing it is having some unexpected impact elsewhere that needs to be fixed, as well.

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