Justin Bieber Rocks The Hits On Sydney Harbour, Thrills Fans [Video]

Justin Bieber took Sydney Harbour by storm to perform his worldwide smash “What Do You Mean?” and more for Australia’s Sunrise morning show on Cockatoo Island, dubbed “Bieber Island,” on Wednesday.

The pop prince thrilled the 1,600 competition winners, with some camping out the night before to see the superstar in the multimedia event which included iHeartRadio’s KIIS and Optus. Some of those who missed out on tickets kayaked to the Sydney island.

“What Do You Mean?” is currently No. 1 on the ARIA Albums Chart and has reigned for four weeks, so the timing for the singer’s mini-tour is immaculate.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Justin Bieber delighted the crowd by rolling out an acoustic set after uptempos)

Justin opened his live Sunrise set with “Mean.” After a brief chat with the show’s presenters, the 21-year-old knocked out a stunning rendition of his Jack Ü hit, “Where Are Ü Now,” later followed by “Boyfriend.” The singer also delighted his mostly young female audience by performing a special acoustic set of “As Long As You Love Me,” “Be Alright,” “Home to Mama,” “That Should Be Me,” and “Baby,” for an exclusive to launch the new iHeartRadio LIVE series.

The singer has now left Australia for New Zealand, where he will perform an acoustic show on October 1 for select fans. The heartthrob’s trip down under lasted three days, during which time he played a set on 2DayFm’s rooftop in Melbourne and taped a spot for The X Factor Australia.

During the Sunrise broadcast, Bieber was interviewed by the show’s presenters. A group selfie, including the crowd, marked the occasion, and the singer even flashed a great Blue Steel look when he was asked to following a chat about his cameo in the upcoming Zoolander 2.

Bieber was also asked about his past missteps and how he moved on from that period and his emotional performance at the VMAs. When host Sam Armytage said that he “went off the rails” in recent years, the Biebs responded thoughtfully and said he wouldn’t do anything differently.

Justin countered, “You know what, I went through a period that most individuals go through, and it’s that period of just testing the waters and figuring out who you are by just… like I said, testing the waters.”

Justin Bieber
(Photo: A group selfie at the Bieber Island)

He added, “There were some things I look back on and I’m not proud of. But I look at that, it’s a learning process for me and I wouldn’t take back anything back.”

Justin Bieber

The singer went on to talk about his present crew helping to drive him “forward.” Asked whether he ran with a bad crowd in the past, he revealed, “A lot of people I put my trust in really let me down. I think I was with people that were taking advantage of me and taking advantage of the situation for sure.”

The Biebs added, “Before I hung around with bad people and I now surround myself with people I trust.”

Asked how he deals with constant criticism, Justin replied, “I learned not to put my belief in what people think. I get my belief from myself and God.” Later, he said he simply wants to “spread light, spread hope and spread positivity” and described his rejuvenated outlook as “night” and “day.”

The day before wowing on Sydney Harbour, Justin spent some of his time visited four sick kids in hospital as part of his ongoing years-long work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. In fact, the singer marked his 250th Make A Wish visit. Of this work, the Biebs said, “It’s incredible to be to able to make them smile and being able to connect.”

Justin Bieber

He went on to talk about using his celebrity in more positive ways to “redeem himself” and help others. The singer also revealed Brit singer Ed Sheeran has written a song for him on his upcoming album, and that he would be returning down under to tour in the near future.

In his sit down with hosts Kyle and Jackie O from KIIS 1065, Justin said being asked to be a role model was too much of a responsibility, and that everybody makes mistakes.

Indeed they do, Justin Bieber. Indeed they do.

[Images via Splash News / AAPIMAGE]