‘GTA 5’ Exploit May Bring Back Cheats Online

It appears that some modders have discovered a GTA 5 exploit that may allow them to mod GTA online. Modding is one of the best unofficial ways to keep a long-running game alive, and GTA 5 has seen one of the biggest outpourings of creative talent, with players introducing Star Wars “Star Destroyers,” an Iron Man playable character and many more innovations. Here are some of the best examples, posted by Youtuber MessYourself.

The potential problem, however, is that along with the modding come temporary characters – characters that are basically disposable and are therefore able to use cheats or any other kind of exploit. GTA 5 has had a total ban on these kinds of characters for some time now, especially after, on the last gen versions, temporary characters were opened up when Rockstar was having serious server trouble.

The idea was that when 95 percent of server service was down, it was possible to continue playing even without the functionality required to save and upgrade characters by using the temporary character exploit. GTA 5 suddenly became a free-for-all and there were storms of complaint from the GTA 5 community. Rockstar, ever responsive to its community, promptly locked them out under their existing systems for kicking players who were bad sports, used cheats or otherwise made a nuisance of themselves on GTA 5.

Unscrupulous players might be able to wreak havoc

Recently, however, a player on the se7ensins forum has discovered a GTA 5 exploit that might potentially bring these characters back into play. Player LondonTown2004 claims to have found scripts that constitute a temporary player allowing exploit. GTA 5 players will also, according to LondonTown2004, be able to debug and modify the game’s online PC version, which is the aspect that appears to be exciting the community the most. In the past, players who fiddled around with scripts in the past had to worry about being kicked or banned permanently from GTA 5. Exploit users were ruthlessly and permanently banned, but with them went a lot of innocent and well-intentioned players who only really wanted to re-decorate or de-bug aspects of the GTA 5 universe.

While LondonTown2004 and his buddies seem mostly focused on the potential to explore GTA 5 on a newer, deeper level, most gaming publications are squarely fixated on the possibility of the creation of an utterly lawless sandpit in GTA 5. Exploit users will be able to use cheats, bypa”Cheaters Pool.” Destructoid, for example, has been unequivocal about what they think will be the result of the new GTA 5 exploit, if it exists.

“Temporary Characters = Permanent Chaos.”

While LondonTown2004 definitely seems to know what he’s talking about, to the extent of posting the relevant sections of code on which he has based his deductions so that others may test the idea, it has to be made clear that there is no confirmatory announcement from Rockstar themselves.

Players may be able to troll each other mercilessly

Despite the compelling nature of the evidence, there is no guarantee that the new GTA 5 exploit will be activated any time soon, or even ever. As with so many developments with GTA, we’re left with guesswork as to what might actually happen in the future. The fact of Rockstar’s general responsiveness might mean that the gaming giant has heeded the calls of its enormous community to allow them to mod live and online. Or it might not. The other option is that the new/old GTA 5 exploit might just be a re-script of that old safety device of temporary characters. It makes sense that they might do this ahead of what looks to be a big new month of DLCs and other updates.

In the meantime, gamers can only wait and see. Opinions appear to be divided over the opportunities and potential problems involved with the introduction of such a feature. Some gamers are excited about being able to mod, create and explore in GTA online, but others, already unhappy with the anarchic nature of the multiplayer experience, view the innovation with dread.

What do you think? Do you believe that new GTA 5 exploit will enhance or worsen your gaming experience?

[Images Courtesy of Rockstar]