Lorde Appears In New Music Video For 'Magnets' With Disclosure

Lorde and Disclosure have teamed up to create the song "Magnets," which makes up part of the track list for the recently released album, Caracal, by Disclosure.

Disclosure collaborates with Lorde
LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 24: Red Bull Studios London Presents Disclosure Live at the Troxy on September 24, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images for Red Bull)

The entire Disclosure music video takes place at a home in the Hollywood hills with a pool that looks over the city.

The video begins with Lorde in a long, white gown standing alone next to the pool staring at a purple moon. As Lorde turns, it's revealed that she is attending a party at the house. She starts to walk back to the party and turns the head of a man standing next to his partner as Lorde sings, "bet the world she don't know."

Then begins a love affair between Lorde and the unfaithful man. As the sultry, immoral relationship progresses, so do Lorde's wardrobe choices. Lorde and her man's relations grow more intense when she shows up to the house in a black leather pencil skirt.

Lorde walks out of the room just as the partner, who was seen at the party earlier, enters. She looks worn down as though she suspects her man is not being faithful, though she does not confront him.

In a black, backless dress, Lorde begins a playful encounter with the cheating man, then the scene flips to the woman who is being cheated on. Her back faces the camera as she stares out of a window, but when she turns around, a large, black and blue bruise on her eye is clearly visible. Her man walks in but doesn't seemed phased by the black eye on his partner.

The scene then switches to Lorde, who is now wearing a long, black vinyl trench coat. Lorde, in her shiny jacket, starts to dance down the hallway. The camera shows Lorde walk out to the pool where the story began, but this time, the woman of the cheating partner is standing just outside of the door, watching her man who is tied to a chair next to the pool.

As Lorde sings the chorus, "Let's embrace the point of no return," she kicks the chair that her lover is tied to into the pool. As the adulterous lover sinks down below the surface, Lorde takes out a lighter and tosses it into the pool, lighting the water and the drowning man on fire.

Lorde tweeted about playing the seductress in the treacherous love affair.
Entertainment Weekly reports that Disclosure talked about making the collaboration earlier in the year.
"When Lorde came in, I had this idea about writing about the phrase 'the point of no return,' and originally that was going to be the name of the song. We didn't know how we were going to use that, because that can be used in a lot of different ways—flying, or boating or whatever. [Lorde] came up with the idea of using it in the sense of if you're attracted to someone you shouldn't be for moral reasons, and then you tell them, then you've gone past the point of no return."
As reported earlier by the Inquisitr, the pair that make up Disclosure, Howard and Guy Lawrence, talked to the Rolling Stone about their experience working with the New Zealand singer. Disclosure loved her sound.
"That's the most equal collaboration on the record. You can really hear her sound — she has this sassy yet vulnerable thing."
"Magnets" isn't the only collaboration on the new Disclosure album, though. Disclosure also collaborated with Sam Smith, The Weeknd, Miguel, and the jazz singer Gregory Porter for their album, Caracal.

According to the Rolling Stone, Caracal is the first album released by Disclosure since their last album in 2013, Settle, which was their debut album.

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