'General Hospital' Spoilers: Carly Faces Tough Moments, Ava Battles, And Anna Scrambles

General Hospital spoilers for the Tuesday, September 29 episode tease that bad news is on the way. Viewers saw on Monday's episode how Sam and Jake exchanged wedding vows as a way to appease a blind grandmother while Sonny and Carly's nuptials were interrupted by a seizure. What's coming up as the week continues?

We Love Soaps shares that Carly will get some very upsetting news on Tuesday's episode. While the specifics about these General Hospital spoilers remain under wraps for now, it sounds as if the news will spark emotional moments for Carly.

According to the "Official Morgan Corinthos" Facebook page, Carly will elicit a promise from both Michael and Morgan. The last that viewers saw, Michael had attended a meeting of the five families and was told that a supposedly still-alive Carlos shot Sonny.

Michael wasn't necessarily buying the idea that Carlos was the shooter, but the Jerome and Corinthos families agreed to a peace deal for now. While Carly was hoping that marrying Sonny would seal the deal to keep Avery, things haven't gone according to plan, and Ava is still intent on getting her daughter back.

Viewers will see more talk between Ava and Julian in Tuesday's show, according to the available General Hospital spoilers. Celeb Dirty Laundry shares that the two will talk about what Ava said at the meeting and how she knows that Paul was actually the shooter. They also talk about Avery, and it sounds as if another confrontation between Carly and Ava is on the way later in the week.

'General Hospital' star Maura WestTuesday's episode also brings some interaction between Nikolas and Hayden. General Hospital spoilers indicate that they will talk about their past together and consider whether they will ever be able to have any trust between them.

As the rest of the week plays out, viewers will see Carly push Michael and Morgan to promise they won't get involved in the business. Of course, this promise ultimately won't mean much, as Michael is already involved, and the buzz is that he'll get even deeper in the business while Sonny recovers.

Paul will leave Anna shaken up with some news on Wednesday's show, and Anna will make an offer to Sam on Thursday. General Hospital spoilers tease that the two may decide to go into business together, a pairing that could be quite interesting and effective. However, Paul is keeping an eye on Anna, and things could get dicey for her.

'General Hospital' star Finola HughesFans will see more developments involving Valerie, Lulu, and Dante this week, and romantic sparks will fly for Maxie and Nathan as they reconnect. Friday's episode brings some difficult moments for Kiki. She's been through a lot in the past year or so, and General Hospital spoilers share that Franco will share some heartfelt words with her.

Dillon has a confession to make this week, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that this centers around a talk with Maxie about Lulu being the subject of his screenplay. Lulu and Dillon will have an in-depth talk as she worries about Dante. Apparently, Dante's concern about Sonny leads him to get some comfort from Valerie, though it doesn't seem he'll learn of the baby news yet.

What is the bad news that Carly is due to get after Monday's emotional time with Sonny? Will Ava be successful in getting custody of Ava back, or will Sonny and Carly prevail? The fake wedding for Sam and Jake didn't spark any memories for him, but fans know the big reveal that Jake is really Jason Morgan is coming up soon.

There's plenty more drama on the way as the chaos continues on General Hospital.

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