Kim Zolciak Totally Blindsided By 'DWTS' Elimination

Last night on Dancing With the Stars, Kim Zolciak didn't make it to California so that she could perform on the show. She was actually hopeful to return to the show, but Kim couldn't be there last night. TMZ shared the news that Kim Zolciak was actually shocked when they announced that she would not be returning to the show, since Zolciak didn't show up for her performance last night.

Sources say that Kim Zolciak was told by DWTS that she needed to Skype in for the show, and that Kim would be giving everyone an update on her health. Zolciak had no idea that they planned to cut her and was totally blindsided by the announcement. Kim actually thought that she might have a chance to return next week once her doctor cleared her to be able to fly again. After suffering from a mini-stroke, Kim Zolciak just wasn't able to make it this week. Tony was even by her side while she was in the hospital.

Back in Season 15, Melissa Rycroft was able to use her practice video for scoring. Kim Zolciak didn't get that chance, but she did practice this week, and that was an option. Derek Hough was able to have another pro step in for him and then return the next week. The rules say that if you have to skip a performance of DWTS, then you have to be removed from the show. This is what the producers used to get rid of Kim Zolciak last night, but Kim didn't even know it was going to happen until the entire world found out about it.

Kim went to her Instagram and shared a video of her practicing with Tony Dovolani on Saturday. Zolciak shared that she had been working hard, but just needed a few more days for doctors to actually clear Kim to fly. Kim Zolciak could have danced, but she couldn't fly to get back to the competition.

Us Magazine was able to talk to Tony Dovolani about Kim Zolciak being pulled out of the competition. He feels like nobody told them right away because the producers were still fighting to keep Kim and Tony on the show. Tony feels like Kim did the right thing by worrying about her health first, but he is hopeful they will find a way back on the show and shared that the lawyers are the ones who need convincing.
"I think the producers were fighting until the last minute to keep us in the competition. I want to continue so bad it's not even funny. That's why I put a tweet out there saying, 'Bring us back!' The producers want us back, I want to be back, Kim wants to be back — so the only people they needed to convince was the lawyers."
People shared that Kim Zolciak was going to social networks, as well. Zolciak shared that she just couldn't fly, but if she had lived somewhere like Las Vegas where she could have driven to the show, then she would have been there and dancing her heart out. Fans of Kim were all over social networks upset about her leaving the show this way, and Kim kept retweeting them to get the word out. Fans are trying to get Kim Zolciak and Tony Dovolani back on the show next week. So far, things aren't looking good, but you never know if they will find a way to pull it off.Do you feel like Kim Zolciak and Tony Dolvolani were treated unfairly by making them pull out of the competition? Should the judges have used their practice tape and given them a score on Dancing With the Stars still? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

[Picture Source Moses Robinson / Getty Images for Mama Walker's, Instagram]