The Real Miko Grimes And Why She Was Arrested

Miko Grimes, wife of Miami cornerback Brent Grimes, was arrested before Sunday's matchup between the Dolphins and Bills. According to the Sun Sentinel, Grimes was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Based on information from a police report, Miko attempted to walk through a barrier set up for crowd control.

If you're wondering who Miko Grimes is, you aren't alone. She's the outspoken wife of standout corner Brent Grimes. Miko made her mark on the NFL by telling her husband to ignore the advice of his coaches and go-for-broke. Brent was a backup cornerback for the Atlanta Falcons when the incident took place. He didn't have the confidence of Falcons coaches, and Miko advised him to play with heart.

After his wife Miko told him to "avoid playing soft," Brent evolved into one of the league's top 10 defenders and made the 2015 Pro Bowl. Miko Grimes is the extra pair of eyes for her husband, as she sits in the stands. She understands the game and talks to him during halftime. They text and talk about how he needs to adjust his play on the field.

But it wasn't her ability to help her husband that got her arrested Sunday. Miko was given several warnings to stop but kept going. As reported by Orlando's News 6, Grimes became combative with police and wouldn't comply. Police say she defied them saying, "F**k you, cops. You can't tell me what to do." After an officer pulled out a Taser, Miko calmed down. She then became aggressive with an officer and was pinned down. In a viral YouTube video, Miko can be heard screaming: "Get off my f*****g leg! Are you f*****g serious right now?" In the background, a male voice can be heard saying, "She tried to walk through."

Grimes was taken to the police station where she received treatment for bruises to her knee, right arm and forearm. In addition to the other charges, Miko was booked on battery to a police officer. She allegedly head-butted an officer, as she was being apprehended. She was booked into the Miami-Dade county jail and later released on a $10,500 bond.

Grimes is also a host on Sports Radio 560 WQAM. Her outspoken personality rubs many people the wrong way. But Miko's ability to break down the game keeps listeners coming back. Host Orlando Alzugary of the Big O Show was disappointed, when told Miko would not make the program.

"Miko does a good job with me breaking down the Dolphins game, week in and week out."
Miko Grimes has said the image most people see of her isn't what they think. She's just brutally honest. In an interview with the Palm Beach Post, Miko addressed the issue.
"I would describe myself as a realist, a brutally honest person that sometimes gets misunderstood. But I always come from a good place, for the most part. I try to explain to people, just because I come off as a little abrasive doesn't mean I'm trying to offend you. It's just the way I communicate."
Grimes is also known for tweeting rants and scathing opinions about the NFL and their policies. As of Monday, her Twitter account @iHeartMiko has been deactivated. Her in-your-face rants have also been directed at the NFL and their lack of concern for players.

In a world filled with rich football wives who sit back and rake in the money, Miko seems to be a knowledgeable woman. Her ability to break down the game and understanding of contract negotiation is very rare.

Maybe the NFL can use her in some capacity, if she can manage to stay out of trouble.

[Photo via Sportsmasher]