Singer Karen O Debuts Firstborn Son With An Adorable Pic

Singer Karen O revealed her firstborn child to the world via social media on Sunday, and he's adorable.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer shared a picture of her newborn son on her Instagram page.

Karen O
Karen O shows off her firstborn son.

In the picture's caption, the 36-year-old singer explained exactly what she did after she and her husband, Barney Clay, brought their bundle of joy home for the first time.

"Shortly after we brought him home I held him in my arms and listened to Roberta Flack singing this tune. I felt my heart exploding in my chest with a love I couldn't begin to put into words, so Roberta's will have to do for now."
Karen O continued by posting some of the lyrics from the 1972 Roberta Flack single, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.
"The first time ever I saw your face I thought the sun rose in your eyes And the moon and the stars were the gifts you gave To the dark and the endless skies, my love To the dark and the endless skies"
Quite a few people had nothing but great things to say about Karen O's newborn child on Twitter.Unlike many other celebrities and singers, Karen Orzolek ("Karen O") did not come out and confirm her pregnancy with an official announcement. The way that she apparently decided to confirm the news was a lot more subtle than issuing a statement to the media.

Karen decided to let her large baby bump do the talking for her when she appeared at the 30th Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in April.

Mike Coppola
Karen O onstage during the 30th Annual Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony.

Karen O, Nick Zinner and Brian Chase formed Yeah Yeah Yeahs in New York City back in 2000. In addition to touring, the rock trio has released four studio albums since then: Fever to Tell, Show Your Bones, It's Blitz! and Mosquito.

For the last four years, Karen has also been a wife to Barney Clay in addition to being a jaw-dropping singer and performer on stage.

In an April 2013 interview with NPR, Karen O explained how her on-stage persona is completely different from her real-life behavior and personality -- a difference that apparently was a shocking surprise even to her husband.

"They're pretty separate. I think my husband still can't really wrap his head around it because he's the one who spends the most time around me when I'm not on stage. And then when he sees me on stage, he's like, 'What? Who is that?' It's really extreme, the sort of the change that happens — but you know it's in there the whole time, just brewing away like a volcano. The thing about Nick, Brian and me, the one thing that hasn't changed, is that you couldn't get a more awkward, shy and strange threesome on the casual level — and then when we hit the stage, it's explosive."
Barney Clay had a chance to indulge himself in the on-stage persona of his wife when he directed the music video for Karen O's solo single, "Rapt," last year.Perhaps Karen O will wait at least a few more years before she introduces her son to Yeah Yeah Yeahs. For now, many people would agree that Roberta Flack would work just fine.

[Photo by Mike Coppola and Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]