Jade Roper Makes The Big Move to Kansas City With Tanner Tolbert

Fans of Bachelor in Paradise will be excited to hear that Jade Roper has finally made the move to Kansas City to live with Tanner Tolbert. These two fell in love on the show and got engaged on the finale of Bachelor in Paradise this summer on ABC. Jade and Tanner have been going strong ever since and sharing on their social networks about all of the time that they are spending together. It is very obvious that they haven’t been a part for very long since the show ended.

Today Tanner went to his Instagram page to share a cute post that revealed that Jade Roper is now moving in with him at his house. Tanner shared a photo of his home along with Jade walking up to the door with her suitcase. Fans are going crazy in the comments and really do love Jade and Tanner together. Everyone really did expect this to happen soon because Tanner and Jade have done so well since the show came to an end. Nobody is surprised to see that she is living in Kansas City now.


Jade Roper actually also went to her own Instagram page to share a post about the big move. One funny thing that you will notice in the picture is that Tanner still has his Christmas wreath up or maybe he is just decorating a bit early. Jade brought her pet along with her and looks ready to start her new life in Kansas City with Tanner. This is a big move from Nashville, but at least Jade and Tanner are in an area where they can stay out of the spotlight and focus on their lives together.


This season on Bachelor in Paradise everyone got to see Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert meet. They actually never dated anyone else while on the show and stayed together through the entire time. At the end of the show, Tanner Tolbert got down on one knee and proposed to Jade Roper. Of course she said yes and accepted the ring that ABC bought for them.

Jade Roper recently shared that the couple has to stay together for two years to get to keep the ring. Once Jade and Tanner get married, they can keep the ring as well if that is before the two years is up. The Neil Lane engagement ring that Jade received is worth $88,000.

Bustle recently shared that Jade and Tanner might not make it clear to Bachelor in Paradise 3 before getting married. Of course, you know that viewers would want to see Jade and Tanner’s wedding if they did wait. The reality is that they probably won’t be waiting a full year to get married. Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert are not taking things slow at all and a wedding could end up being just around the corner if they have their way about it.

It would be great to see Jade and Tanner get married with Chris Harrison officiating similar to the way that Lacy Faddoul and Marcus Grodd got married this season on the show. ABC would pay for the wedding if they did it that way, but Jade and Tanner just don’t seem like they will be waiting around. It only took a few months for Jade to move all the way to Kansas City so they could start their lives together.

Are you surprised to see that Jade Roper took the next step and moved to Kansas City to live with Tanner Tolbert? It does look like this couple will be getting married before you know it. Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

[Picture Source Araya Diaz/Getty Images for American Humane Association, Instagram]

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