Who Will Survive 'Flight 462' And Make It To Season 2 of 'Fear The Walking Dead'?

Finally, we have some news about the standalone Walking Dead "Zombies On A Plane" special AMC will be running during Season 6 of The Walking Dead. The name of this new mini-series is called Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462 and it will premiere during the new season of The Walking Dead with subsequent episodes airing online.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers about AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. Please proceed with caution if you have not viewed all available episodes.

Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462 will premiere on AMC on Sunday, October 4, 2015
Who will survive Flight 462 and return to season 2 of AMC's 'Fear The Walking Dead'?

AMC's Fear The Walking Dead, the original spin-off from the original series, The Walking Dead, has been met with mixed reviews. Many adrenaline junkies who love the blood and gore of The Walking Dead are not as happy with the slower pace of Fear The Walking Dead. However, there are also plenty of fans out there who are happy to let the outbreak unfold knowing that, eventually, the zombies will come.

As originally announced by Entertainment Weekly, there will be another Walking Dead spin-off. This one, though will not be a brand new series, but rather similar to the webisode teasers AMC has released in the past that enhance the Walking Dead universe. Entertainment Weekly has some more news in relation to this spin-off series.

"Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462, will tell the story of a commercial flight in the early goings of the outbreak as a passenger is discovered to be infected. The first episode will debut on AMC.com on Oct. 4."
EW then goes on to explain that each episode after that will premiere during ad breaks of season 6 of The Walking Dead as well as online. There will be 16 episodes in total and the length of each mini episode will clock in at around a minute each, so expect drama and excitement in small bite sized snippets! And, as previously announced, a surviving member of Flight 462 will become a season 2 cast member for Fear The Walking Dead. According to Deadline, Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462 "tells the story of a group of passengers aboard a commercial airplane during the earliest moments of the outbreak."

A plane has already been seen in Episode 3, entitled "The Dog," of Fear The Walking Dead. It lurched in the sky before seeming to right itself as Nick (played by Frank Dillane) watched on. Could this have been Flight 462? It's possible, or it could have just been one of the many planes that were on their way across the U.S., ready to be grounded upon landing. However, many fans are already predicting this plane was the one that will be featured in Flight 462.

Fear The Walking Dead Episode 3 The Dog plane image. Is this Flight 462?
Is this Flight 462?

Speculation has also started about who the new character will be in Season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead. As I previously wrote in this Inquisitr article, the main suspects are as follows.

Matt's Parents. Matt (Maestro Harrell) was the boyfriend of Alicia Clark (Alycis Debnam-Carey). He was infected and left, presumably to die, before everyone quite realized the significance of a bite. Alicia finally decided to leave Matt when he told her his parents would be home from their trip soon. Although it seems unlikely Matt's parents will return safely as the characters in season 2 as in the end of Episode 2 ("So Close, Yet So Far") of Fear, we saw a car parked in Matt's driveway. It was half unpacked and the lights were still on. The implication here was that Matt's parents returned and ran inside to find Matt already infected and, as a result of this, probably died at the hands of their son. However, if one of Matt's parents survived Flight 462 and returned home knowing that the infected could not be saved, could they put down their own son and return as a character in season 2?

A relative of the Salazars. The Salazars immigrated from El Salvador to the U.S. Although Daniel (Rubén Blades) originally told his daughter they had no family left, he did eventually say a cousin could come and collect them when Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis) took them home with him. Could this cousin actually show up in Flight 462?

Tobias' Mother. Tobias (Lincoln A. Castellanos) has turned into the Morgan of Fear The Walking Dead for some fans, who are convinced he will turn up later on in Fear. And, having his mother return via Flight 462 might be a great way to reintroduce Tobias to the rest of the cast of Fear. During Episode 2 of Fear The Walking Dead, we learned from Tobias, as he and Madison tried to flee the high school with food and drugs, that his mother was not around and Tobias was being looked after by his uncle. Is it possible that Tobias' mother heads home to be with her son when the zombie apocalypse hits?

A Neighbor. Alternatively, the new Season 2 character could be one of the family members of the house Alicia and Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) trashed in Episode 5, titled "Cobalt," of Fear The Walking Dead. Imagine surviving a plane full of zombies only to return to a ruined house?

Dave Erickson and David Wiener will produce Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462, from a screenplay written by L. Signorino and Mike Zunic. Director of photography Michael McDonough is listed by EW as the director.

Fear The Walking Dead returns to AMC for the Season 1 finale on Sunday, October 4. The Walking Dead will premiere Season 6 a week later on Sunday, October 11.

Are you excited about this new mini spin off series set in the Walking Dead universe? Who do you think the new character will be in season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

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