Adam Lind Faking Custody To Gain Sympathy From ‘Teen Mom’ Fans?

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Sep. 28 2015, Updated 6:35 a.m. ET

Adam Lind may not be a Teen Mom favorite. After years of mistakes, bad parenting, and a huge lack of disrespect when it comes to Chelsea Houska, Adam is trying to turn his life around. Fans only see a certain side of Adam on the show, but he claims that he has been spending time with his children. In fact, Lind is done with his probation, he has gotten his license back, and he wants to gain custody of his children.

However, Adam Lind may have a long way to go. He has two children by two different women, and both of the women are not pleased with his continuous bad boy image. Plus, Lind tends to go from woman to woman. On Teen Mom, Aubree told her mother that Adam had introduced her to many girlfriends — and then they were gone!

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According to a new Radar Online report, Adam Lind is now trying to send a message out to the world about his custody agreements. Apparently, Lind decided to share on social media that he had regained custody of his second daughter, Paislee. While Lind has been posting pictures of himself spending time with his daughter on Instagram as if they are living together, a friend claims that he doesn’t actually have custody and just wants people to think that he has changed. A lie sadly won’t help his case.

“Adam doesn’t have any custody of Paislee,” the source says, adding, “It’s just a joint visitation agreement.”

The new agreement allows for Lind to have Paislee “every other weekend and one night a week only if he gives Paislee’s mother 24-hour notice.” In other words, he doesn’t have 50/50 custody or even full custody. He still has to ask for permission if he wants to see his child and give notice. And given his track record, this could turn out to be quite the challenge for him.

“Adam just thinks that visitation is custody in some sort of form,” the source revealed, adding, “At that point in time, Adam was stepping up, so Taylor gave him a second chance. He was still on probation at the time.”

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As fans saw on Teen Mom, Chelsea Houska reached out to Paislee’s mother, Taylor Halbur, and wanted to stand firm together to fight Adam’s chances of custody. But Taylor wanted something different from Chelsea, and she decided to work things out on their own time. Adam was pleased, and Houska had to challenge the court system by herself.

“Now that Adam is off probation, he is not doing as well as what he was doing while on probation. I hear that he doesn’t seem as invested in Paislee as he seemed a few months ago, meaning he was spending more time with her while he was still on probation and now that he is off, he’s seeing her less,” the source reveals, adding, “Paislee still loves her father. She seems like she is happy when she is in his care.”

Even though this is a huge step for Adam Lind, he still has no legal rights when it comes to Aubree. He still wants to fight Chelsea for more time with his daughter, but she isn’t as eager to give up more time. Of course, Aubree is now 6-years-old, and she understands that her father isn’t around as much. But Adam doesn’t seem to care that Chelsea wants to keep their daughter from him. According to In Touch Weekly, Adam got his license back recently and saw this as a first step in getting custody back.

“Well after 5 long years I’ve finally got my license back!:)… Let’s see what teen mom has to talk s–t about now… I can drive… Just bought a house… Just. Started personal training at a new gym in my home town of Sioux falls called pure fitness… Got custody of paislee and now fighting Chelsea for custody of Aubree,” Adam Lind revealed on Instagram.

What do you think of Adam Lind pretending as if he has more custody now?

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