September 28, 2015
Oh Seung Hwan, The Boyfriend Of Yuri Of K-Pop Group 'Girls' Generation,' Says No To Marriage Right Now

It seems that 2015 is turning out to be a bad year in love for K-pop mega group So Nyeo Shi Dae, better known as Girls' Generation. Within a span of six months, Yoona broke up with Korean actor Lee Seung Gi, Tiffany broke up with 2PM's Nichkhun, and the group's leader Taeyeon broke up with EXO's Baekhyun. Ergo, this is the first time the majority of Girls' Generation members have been single prior to being allowed to date.

However, that "bad luck in love" seems to be transitioning over to Girls' Generation members who are still in relationships. In this case, Oh Seung Hwan - who is dating Yuri - has made it clear that he is saying "no" to marriage at least for now.

Oh Seung Hwan made his views known during an interview with Korean news outlet Ilgan Sports. As a follow-up to the fact Seung Hwan is now 34-years-old, the interviewer asked if he would go live abroad or get married. Seung Hwan did not mince his words as he answered straight-forwardly.

"No. Right now, I do not [want to live abroad or get married]."
To be fair though, Oh Seung Hwan and Yuri only went public with their relationship earlier this year. It is known they've been dating since last November, which means their relationship is not even a year old yet. For famous Korean stars (or any famous star for that matter), one year is not long enough to gauge if marriage is a possibility especially if they both have busy schedules which is usually the reason why said famous couples break up in the first place.

Also, it can be assumed that both Oh Seung Hwan and Yuri will be able to concentrate more on their careers at this moment with marriage not in the picture. Seung Hwan is a relief pitcher for the Hanshin Tigers, a Japanese baseball team. Yuri is of course a member of Girls' Generation and as such, is extremely busy promoting the group with eight members with their latest album Lion Heart.

Girls' Generation is currently promotion Lion Heart, their latest album and the first without Jessica Jung in it. As for the ratio of Girls' Generation members dating to those who are single, Yuri is one of two members currently in relationships. The other member is Sooyoung who is dating K-drama actor Jung Kyung Ho.

[Image via Screen Capture of Girls' Generation Music Video "The Boys"]