Be Funny Studios Creates Amazing ‘Maze Runner’ Parody Featuring A Flurry Of K-Pop Idols [Video]

One of the most popular teen movies to dominate the box office recently was The Maze Runner. Based off the first book in The Maze Runner Trilogy, the movie earned over $30 million at the box office its first weekend. Apparently, that was enough to continue the franchise as its sequel, The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials recently released at the box office with dominating numbers as well (though $2 million shy of its predecessor). As a result of its popularity, the internet has done many fan-based things pertaining to the series which includes a parody that eviscerated Burning Man.

Now, it seems the most dominant Asian entertainment industry is about to take a crack at The Maze Runner with a parody titled Seoul Runner. Not only that, it also features a flurry of famous K-pop idols too.

The group behind the hilarious parody is Be FUNNY Studios, the same group responsible for Rush Hour 4: Face/Off 2. Along with the assistance of FOX Studios, the parody titled Seoul Runner features Lee Ki Hong, the actor who played Minho in both The Maze Runner and The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials. Be FUNNY Studios provided a synopsis for the parody to help explain what Seoul Runner is all about.

“Fresh from WCKD’s grasp, Minho (Ki Hong Lee) wakes up in yet another strange place; this time in his homeland of Seoul, South Korea. But WCKD is still hot on his trail, so Minho must disguise himself as an ‘Ajumma,’ a Korean elderly lady. His flashy Ajumma gear will protect him from sun exposure, low blood sugar, and orthopedic strain, but can it protect him from WCKD? ‘Ajumma is good…'”

As mentioned in the description, Ki Hong Lee is playing the lead as he showcases both his cute and funny side as detailed by Koreaboo. Not only that, the parody features, as mentioned earlier, a flurry of K-pop idols. This includes 2PM’s Taecyeon and Nichkhum, M.I.B.’s Kangnam, and NS Yoon-G.

To be frank, it is very smart for Be FUNNY Studios to parody The Maze Runner because it was extremely popular in Korea. It even came in second only to the South Korean Oscar-nominated film, The Throne. Not only that, the film broke records upon its release too. It is true that the reason for its popularity has a lot to do with Ki Hong Lee starring in it, but it wouldn’t have continued its success if the film was “bad” per se.

For those who want to watch the parody of The Maze Runner known as Seoul Runner, it is available to view for free at Be FUNNY Studio’s official website.

[Image via Be FUNNY Studios/Seoul Runner Promotions]