‘The Walking Dead’ Releases Season 6 Featurette To Tease Fans About What’s On The Way For Team Rick

As the weather changes, fans of the Walking Dead are gearing up for the new season. The Walking Dead Season 6 premieres on October 11 and promises some interesting twists as Morgan returns. A featurette with the latest updates for fans was released to tease them with what is in store for Rick and his team.

According to Screen Rant, the new featurette offers cast interviews, behind the scenes interviews, and scenes from the new season. It contains a preview for fans into what the characters will experience this new season and includes an interview with Lenny James, the actor who portrays Morgan.

Some of the highlights include the question as to how the citizens will learn to live with Rick and his crew now they have revealed their true form. It also promises to be interesting as Rick and Morgan are brought back together after all they have been through. How will they react to one another?

Although little has been released about what will actually happen in Season 6 of the Walking Dead, there will be new digital effects to show the decay of the zombies as they have been around for awhile now. Two new characters will also appear: Paul ‘Jesus’ Monroe, portrayed by Tom Payne, and Heath, portrayed by Corey Hawkins.

Den of Geeks revealed that a new threat will appear for the group in Season 6. After the events at the end of Season 5, it remains to be seen whether or not the new threat will draw Rick and company together with the citizens of Alexandria. Potential antagonists to the group include the Wolves although it hasn’t been fully revealed what threats Rick and his group will face.

For fans of the comic book series who know what happens, the plot for The Walking Dead series has already deviated significantly from the original leaving fans wondering where the series is going. Co-executive producer Denise Huth said that as long as the citizens of Alexandria remain naive to the dangers on the outside, it could pose a danger to the group, making the original citizens of Alexandria dangerous to live with.

With the beginning of Season 6, the safety of Alexandria has been shattered, and the group is now facing multiple threats. Deanna has been touched by reality with the deaths of both her husband and son. It remains to be seen how the rest of the group will view her leadership or how the events change her.

What do you want to see happen in the Walking Dead? Do you believe the community will survive?

[Photo Credit Kevin Winter/Getty Images]