Awkward! Jessa Seewald Learns It Was Not Love At First Sight For Ben As Duggar Fans Look On

Jessa Seewald experienced a slightly uncomfortable moment at her latest Southern Women’s Show appearance as Duggar fans seemed at a loss for words at a statement made by Ben Seewald during a question segment. The newlywed Duggar daughter was playing a Newlywed game with her husband Ben as the pair attempted to provide the answer that they thought their spouse would give for a particular question. However, when Ben Seewald was asked when he fell in love with Jessa, the Duggar daughter responded that she felt like it was love at first sight. Unfortunately, it seems Ben didn’t agree and noted that though he was attracted to her at first sight, he didn’t fall in love with her until a few months into their first meeting. The uncomfortable moment left Jessa sitting in silence along with her numerous fans in attendance.

Entertainment Tonight reports that Jessa Seewald was in attendance at the Southern Women’s Expo in Orlando, Florida. The Duggar daughter was on stage with husband Ben Seewald as the audience was encouraged to ask them questions about Jessa’s pregnancy and life as newlyweds. However, one particular segment of the Q&A became somewhat awkward for the mom-to-be.

As the report indicates, Ben was asked, “When did you fall in love with Jessa?” Ben then wrote his answer on a piece of paper while Jessa wrote down on a separate piece of paper what answer she thought Ben would give. Jessa provided her answer first which noted that she though Ben would say it was love at first sight. However, to her dismay, Ben said it was not love of first sight but rather “attraction at first sight.” He went on to explain that he didn’t actually fall in love with Jessa for a few months.

“It was definitely attraction at first sight. I was like — I need to get to know her a little better. So, yeah — it was probably a few months in.”

Witnesses in the audience say it was definitely an uncomfortable moment as fans sat silently instead of responding with their typical swooning noises that were heard when Ben answered previous questions. Fortunately, Ben was able to make up for the answer later on by detailing what it was like when he met Jessa for the first time saying it was like an “angel just walked in the room.”

“The first time she walked in the room that I was at her church or something, and I turned around. I felt like there was like this light. The door opened. She came gliding in, holding her little sister’s hand, and I was like, ‘I think an angel just walked in the room.'”

What do you think of Ben’s honest answer to the question? Do you think Jessa Seewald appreciated her husband’s honesty regarding when he had physical attraction to her versus actual love?

[Image Credit: Instagram]