WWE News: Vince Russo Blames Sting’s Run In WWE On Vince McMahon’s Ego

Jon Fisher - Author

Sep. 27 2015, Updated 4:12 p.m. ET

There are influential figures that changed the course of WWE, and then there are people like Vince Russo who proclaims it all with little justification. Whatever the case may be, Russo worked for the WWE and then jumped ship to WCW. From there, Russo’s booking destroyed WCW with the little life they had left.

That argument of who ruined World Championship Wrestling will remain subjective until the argument is moot. Russo was just the man who booked David Arquette to win the WCW Heavyweight championship.

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Eric Bischoff put it perfectly on Legends With JBL when he noted that McMahon was Russo’s filter. Without McMahon, Russo could’ve been destructive towards the Attitude Era, in which he takes full credit for. The former-WWE Creative Writer isn’t done making controversy as he recently talked about Sting’s WWE career and blames its “failures” on Vince McMahon’s ego.

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“Fast forward a couple of years later—WWE. After holding out for 15 years… Sting finally decides to go to work for Vince McMahon. I’d be lying to you if I didn’t admit that there were tears in my eyes when I witness Sting come out in front of that crowd at WrestleMania. For years I was there when he came out to only a handful at Universal Studios—this is what this legend deserved. Sadly, knowing Vince and his massive ego, I knew deep down going in that Sting wasn’t going to win this match. To Vince, even after 15 years, he was still getting off on beating Ted Turner, and Sting was basically the last and biggest pawn. But, as unbelievably sad as that is—it really didn’t matter. Sting was getting the send-off in front of a massive audience, and win, or lose, I was glad he was going out that way. I also knew that the W meant nothing to Sting, because in the almost decade that I had worked with him—he was always business.”

“Fast forward to just a few weeks ago. Yeah, I was kind of surprised that the WWE was wheeling Sting out again. Why? Because they had lowered his stock with the loss to Hunter, and now a match against the Champion just really didn’t make much sense. This clearly showed that it was Vince’s ego that defeated Sting at WrestleMania and nothing else. Why would you beat the guy who was going to eventually get a shot at your Champion a few months later, and put over the guy who isn’t even close to wrestling again. That’s ego in its rawest form. Sting got beat, because Sting was WCW and not WWE. I’m sitting here not even believing that I wrote that last line—ridiculous.”

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There are folks that will believe Vince Russo and his opinions on WWE Creative, which is perfectly acceptable. The WWE invites opinions, but when Russo blatantly attacks the WWE, it offers the audience the chance to believe if it is personal bias or not. Sting had a huge match at WrestleMania, nearly defeated Seth Rollins. It sounds like his WWE career is better than most.

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