X Factor: You’ll Never Believe Where The Show’s Singers Are For Boot Camp And Who Was Cut

The X Factor is still huge across the pond, with the show the show taking the United Kingdom by storm series after series. And while an appearance on The X Factor can see contestants jetting off to far-flung locales, reports from England appear to paint a different tale.

According to the Sunday Express, instead of jetting off to Mexico or Asia, the show will see one of its contestants appearing on a stage in… Manchester, England.

Yes, the Sunday Express reports that the rainy English city is set to welcome contestants under the guidance of judge Nick Grimshaw.

“While previous series have seen aspiring singers jetting off to luxury pads in Mexico, Barbados and New York, the BBC Radio One Breakfast DJ is keeping it simple by setting up shop in the north of England.”

“To make matters worse for his category – which Simon Cowell believes includes the winner – Nick’s fellow judges are sticking with tradition and going big with their lavish locations.”

“Rita Ora is taking her girls to Los Angeles while Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and the groups are hopping on a plane to Rome.”

“An insider told the Sunday People: “He’s in the studio ­every morning Monday to Friday so has to get back quickly after X Factor filming.”

Sunday Express reports the X Factor’s Grimshaw is indeed from the Manchester region and had desired to bring his group of talented young men there in spite of the fact that other judges were bringing their talent to hot locales all over the map.

The X Factor's Nick Grimshaw

As many reading this already know, the show aired tonight on ITV with contestants returning to perform for judges after going through “boot camp.”

Spoiler warning: do not read further if you do not want to find out what happened on tonight’s episode of The X Factor.

Contestants returned from boot camp and performed for judges, with one of the contestants nearly going home, according to The Huffington Post UK.

As HuffPost detailed, judges on The X Factor admitted to making a mistake when they initially decided to send contestant Holly Johnson packing her bags.

But after the judges decided to send Holly packing, they realized what an error in judgment they had made and the meanest of the mean – Simon Cowell – explained to Johnson why she had been dumped and then told her she was, in fact, not dumped from the show.

The X Factor's Simon Cowell

“After being called back in to face the panel, Simon told her: Holly I just felt we owed you an explanation, because I could see on your face thinking, ‘how could I have done anymore?'”

“I want to own up to the fact that I think we made a mistake.”

As many readers know, for all the success The X Factor continues to have in the United Kingdom, the show could not sustain any momentum in the United States. The show premiered on the Fox television network in the United States, where Cowell had also brought his hit American Idol, but failed to attract the initial audience from its premier. As the Inquisitr reported in February 2014, the show struggled to gain the faithful audience following its premier and never had the traction of its Cowell-created cousin.

Have you been watching The X Factor? Did you see tonight’s episode? What did you think about the show and the performances in boot camp? What would you have thought about jetting off to Manchester instead of cooler locales? And what do you think about judges bringing back Holly Johnson? We would love to hear what you have to say. Comment below and give us your opinion.

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