Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl Can’t Be Kept Down

This past June, Dave Grohl took a nosedive off the stage at a Foo Fighters show in Gothenburg, Sweden. Grohl busted his leg, so it would be understood if he took some time off and the band cancelled the last of their Sonic Highways Tour dates, right?

You obviously don’t know Dave Grohl.

Not only did Grohl keep the rest of the American tour dates (they did cancel a few of the European dates), but after he got out of the hospital the day of the injury, he went back and finished the Gothenberg show.

At the Foo Fighters’ recent Los Angeles show, Grohl rocked out while perched on his massive guitar throne, which shot lasers as it rolled across the stage — perfect for a “King of Rock.”

Before the band performed “Big Me,” Grohl found a young lady in the audience who had a broken leg, and asked how she had broken it.

“In the pool! What! Man! Can I sign your cast? Will you sign mine too? This one goes out to you. I can’t do it now, I’m on the clock, I’m going to do it later,” Grohl promised.

Grohl then convinced his crew to shine the spotlights on the young girl after dedicating “Big Me” to her.

At the band’s Phoenix show, mere days after L.A., Foo Fighters welcomed Jewel onto the stage as she sang lead for the Led Zeppelin song “Whole Lotta Love.” Jewel had just performed her own show before she ran to join Grohl and band mates on stage to rock out — with no rehearsal.

“We thought we should do a song together,” Grohl announced to fans.

“So we picked some nice things that we thought would sound good. And then she says to me, ‘I don’t wanna do that.’ She says, ‘I wanna do this.'”

The Foo Fighters’ guest list includes not only Jewel, but Stevie Nicks, Jack Black, members of Haim and more, and is rivaled only by Taylor Swift’s.

It seems like there really isn’t much left for Grohl to do — wait! He has yet, even after appearing on the show numerous times, to host Saturday Night Live. There’s a photo making its rounds on the world wide web of Grohl smiling widely, holding a sign that says he wants to host the variety sketch series.

Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl Can't Be Kept Down

If you want to help the cause and make Grohl’s dream come true, you can find the petition here.

[Photo by Susan Pfannmuller/Kansas City Star]