June 29, 2017
Kylie Jenner's 'Wet And Wild' Photo Shoot Even Racier Than Her Bikini Pics

Move over, Kim Kardashian! Younger sister Kylie Jenner is blazing up the celebrity hot list ever since she turned legal age this summer, and she's taking over Kim's "Queen of social media" throne. Kylie's latest "wet and wild" video is sure to send fans wild, and make "the world drool over her." The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan had a photoshoot with Brendan Forbes that "may be [her] hottest video ever." A fan on social media had just one word in response. "Whoa!" said Twitter user Luca Forzin.

The 18-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star shared a "sneak peek" of the shoot when she posted a "wet and wild" video that reveals nearly everything. Wearing only a tank top and "barely there" panties, Kylie played in a bathtub, rolling around and getting "soaking wet" for the photos. The video shows a quick behind-the-scenes look at how she prepared for the pics.Hollywood Life reports that the hot video is posted to Kylie's own website, KylieJenner.com, and is super "up close and personal," beginning with a sexy peek into Kylie's photo shoot wardrobe. If the Moschino underwear and DKNY don't make you drool, the next part will, when Kylie "flaunts her voluptuous" body in cat eye makeup, dark lipstick, and "drenched" hair.

The reality star has been upping the ante with her pics and videos. Recently, Kylie showed off a skin tight dress that was soaked through. There seems to be a wet and wild theme developing!

The photo made sure to put Kylie's "perfect décolletage... front and center," something Kylie really likes to do. According to Hollywood Life, Kylie "loves her massive cleavage and she loves to show it off!" There's been some speculation that the teenager may have had breast augmentation surgery, because "her cleavage was just that huge."

Another recent photo showed Kylie in a "skimpy bathing suit" with a sparkly fashion accessory that showed off her amazing body. The "blinged out accessory," known as a Crystal Garter, turned Kylie's plain gold suit into something special, helping to keep Kylie at "the top of her fashion game."
Swimsuits are on the agenda for Kylie, along with racy photos where she shows off her body. She shared a pic of herself, and her almost-too-perfect "famous backside," while enjoying a swim at home. Kylie's skimpy bikini left most of that backside exposed for her fans to "fawn over."There's plenty to choose from if you want to find the sexiest, raciest Kylie Jenner video or photo. The problem is deciding which one is the hottest! Is it Kylie "rolling around" in a tub, Kylie bending forward to show off her backside, or Kylie in bling?

[Image via Raffi Kirdi / Stringer / Getty]