Instagram Buzz: 50 Cent Claims He Had Sex With Taraji P. Henson — Or Cookie From ‘Empire’ — After Thirsty Gram Diss [Video]

Well, the drama just never dies down between 50 Cent and Taraji P. Henson. It’s Power versus Empire all over again, as the most recent season premiere episode of Empire found Henson’s Cookie character invoking 50 Cent’s name once more. As Cookie strolled around taking care of business, she also scrolled through her phone and commented that 50 Cent was dissing them again, with Cookie calling 50 Cent thirsty on “The Gram,” one of the many nicknames for Instagram.

As seen in the below viral video from TMZ, 50 Cent wasn’t going to let a diss like that slip by, as the Empire fiction once again crossed paths with real life. After Cookie’s diss, 50 Cent can be seen in the below video wondering aloud why the Empire screenwriters were bringing up his name. That’s when he looked directly into that fourth wall on YouTube and told viewers directly that he’d had sex with the woman.

The question became for the TMZ on TV crew: to which woman is 50 Cent referring? Is he saying that he and Taraji had a sexual relationship (or at least a one night stand) years ago or at some point in time? Or, wonders Harvey Levin’s crew — is 50 Cent trying to say that he slept with Cookie in some kind of weird world whereby reality supernaturally crosses into fiction. Either way, it looks like Lee Daniels has a heck of a great plot idea: 50 Cent could fall through the Empire offices or into Cookie’s new music company as one of her successful music artists. Then Cookie could do 50 a solid by showing up on Power, perhaps as Ghost’s long lost sister or something. Either way, the cross promotional possibilities are endless, even if they do cross networks. Creativity is king and marketing is queen.

“You know I hit that.”

Meanwhile, on 50 Cent’s Instagram page, there are funny and confusing memes about relationship stuff and deleted Empire scenes (warning on the NSFW language therein). On Taraji’s Instagram page and on The Real Taraji Twitter page, there’s no talk of 50 Cent yet — but expect denials or confirmations about sex with 50 Cent to show up before long.

If there’s one thing Henson fans can count on from the superstar is that Taraji isn’t one to hold her tongue for a long period of time, and with 50 Cent’s new assertions about sex between the duo — or their alter ego TV characters — it begs for more tea to be spilled on the subject.

[Image via Barry King / Getty Images Entertainment]