Kris Jenner Cries Over Bruce’s Old Clothes — ‘He’s Gone,’ She Says [VIDEO]

Kris Jenner is still very emotional over Caitlyn Jenner’s transition and she’s showing it in a new clip from the next Keeping Up The Kardashians episode.

In the clip shared via E! Online, we see Kim Kardashian bringing in a load of old clothes that she got from Caitlyn. These are all clothes that Caitlyn would have worn before her transition.

“I wanted to give you these things… Caitlyn let me take this,” Kim says as she hands her mom the clothes.

The Kardashian/Jenner matriarch then starts to tear up as she goes through the clothes and shares memories of Bruce. She talks about buying him a Gucci jacket, which he never wore, and a Burberry shirt that Bruce donned in a family Christmas card.

Kris then reveals that she has a lot of Bruce’s clothes, but hasn’t had the heart to open the bag just yet.

“I think going through something like this is difficult, because the whole thing is something I’ve never dealt with before, and I realize that I still have a long way to go before I can process all of this and understand it,” she says to the camera. “Seeing these clothes and realizing that Bruce has thrown them out makes it real.”

In the clip, Kris even smells some of the clothes which makes her even more emotional.

“It smells like him … It makes me really sad.”

Then the tears start to fall.

“It’s just crazy that he’s gone,” says Jenner through her tears.

Although Kim tries to reassure her that Bruce is still with them, Kris is inconsolable.

“He’s gone,” she repeats tearfully.

This “mourning” for Bruce is something that a lot of the members of the Kardashian Jenner clan are going through.

In another clip shared via E! Online, Kendall Jenner shared a similar sentiment.

“Well, it’s also a letting go thing. It’s like when you officially meet her it’s like, he’s gone. I think that’s what I’m holding on to,” Kendall says in the clip.

The clip was taped before Kendall met Caitlyn Jenner for the first time.

Kris and Caitlyn Jenner have not had the easiest time re-establishing their relationship since Caitlyn’s Vanity Fair interview earlier this year. In the interview, Caitlyn was brutally honest about what she thought about Kris and how she was treated in the marriage.

She revealed that she was mistreated by Kris and that she was “controlling” and “not very nice.” Here’s the direct quote from the Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair interview.

“The first 15 years I felt [Kris] needed me more because I was the breadwinner. Then, really around [the time of KUWTK], when that hit and she was running the whole show and getting credit for it and she had her own money, she didn’t need me as much from that standpoint … I think in a lot of ways she became less tolerant of me. A lot of times she wasn’t very nice. People would see how I got mistreated. She controlled the money, all that kind of stuff.”

Keeping Up With the Kardashians airs on Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT on the E! Network.

[Photo via E! Online video screen shot]