‘Friends’ Stars: Where Are They Now?

Friends: the TV show that stole our hearts with its relatable and amazing characters may now be over, but the magic that each of its actors have is yet to dim.

As the curtains closed on the show’s epic ten season run, fans were already clamoring for more. The producers decided to give them this in the form of the Friends spinoff, Joey. With Ross and Rachel (finally) getting together, Monica and Chandler buying a house and starting a family, and Phoebe and Mike married, the show’s sworn bachelor, Joey Tribbiani, decided to move to L.A to try his luck at acting. The spinoff was heavily promoted by NBC, along with a new cast of supporting characters that were part of Joey’s journey of discovery in a new place.

While the show sounded good, it could never compare to the glory of its predecessor, Friends, and unfortunately for Matt LeBlanc, the actor who played Joey, the show was cancelled after just two seasons due to poor ratings. Matt LeBlanc slipped off the radar for a while, while the other Friends stars busied themselves by becoming involved in new projects.

David Schwimmer also struggled initially to find his footing after Friends. After a few minor roles in films, he turned to Broadway and tried his hand at directing. Perhaps his best-known performances were as the voice of Melman in the Madagascar franchise.

Matthew Perry, too, hasn’t had much luck, with a number of his shows being cancelled. He now writes, produces, and stars in The Odd Couple, which appears to be finding its feet.


Arguably, the female Friends co-stars fared much better, with Courteney Cox enjoying success with Cougar Town, currently in its sixth season.

Jennifer Aniston made the transition to the big screen and is now the face of several dramas and romantic comedies, her latest being her role as sexy vamp boss in Horrible Bosses 2.

According to the Guardian, Lisa Kudrow also started out slow, but has recently been kicking butt with her hilarious shows The Comeback, where she plays a minor TV star who has cameras film her continuously in a bid to be famous, and Web Therapy, where she plays an unconventional psychotherapist who partakes in three minute therapy sessions over the internet.

Matt LeBlanc seemed like he was being left behind. The Friends star who is bilingual (fluent in English and French) and was once voted one of the 50 Most Beautiful People by Forbes Magazine then signed up for Episodes in 2011, Design and Trend reported.

From the makers of Friends and starring Tamsin Greig, Stephen Mangan, and Daisy Haggard, the show revolves around a married couple who move to L.A. to adapt their U.K. hit sitcom to the American screen. As the Guardian reported, somewhere along the way, things go hilariously wrong and the couple are pulled into the corrupt world that is Hollywood. The show was decidedly unremarkable in the first few seasons, but somewhere along the way has hit its stride and morphed into a hilarious comfortable blend of English wit and American humor, with most people agreeing that its fourth season is the funniest one yet. With it already being picked up for a fifth season, it’s time to catch up and relive the awesomeness of Matt LeBlanc.

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