WWE News: John Cena’s Next Opponent Revealed?

John Cena is once again carrying the United States championship gold around his waist and it appears it will not be long before his next title defense.

One thing that appears certain is that Cena will be bringing back his United States open challenge tomorrow night on Monday Night RAW. WWE teased this with their RAW Five-Point Preview earlier in the week.

“One night after reclaiming the United States Championship from Seth Rollins at Night of Champions, John Cena defended his star-spangled prize on RAW, sealing a victory over The Architect with an Attitude Adjustment. Now that Rollins has already used his guaranteed rematch for the prestigious title, will Raw bring the return of Cena’s U.S. Open Challenge? If so, who is bold enough to face The Champ?”

After winning the gold at WrestleMania 31, Cena’s open challenge gave fans the opportunity to see less prominently featured talent get the chance to wrestle for championship gold. Names such as Neville, Cesaro, Stardust, and Dean Ambrose all got the chance to face the top guy in the company.

Additionally, the open challenge is what led to the WWE television debut of Kevin Owens. That led to a series of three matches between Owens and Cena that many view as some of the best matches of 2015.

But, if Cena does bring back the open challenge, his feuds would basically be a week-to-week thing and not long term issues that can span several pay-per-views.

According to WWF Old School, there is speculation Mr. Money in the Bank Sheamus could be next in line to feud with Cena over the gold. Despite having a guaranteed contract to face the WWE World Heavyweight champion whenever he sees fit, the Irishman is currently not involved in a major storyline. Additionally, he was not booked for a match at Night of Champions and the company will likely want one of their top superstars on their next pay-per-view card.

It should be noted that the Sheamus vs. Cena feud is just speculation at this point and not set in stone. With Sheamus carrying around that Money in the Bank briefcase, WWE could decide to have him cash-in at any point in time.

Hell in a Cell is set to take place in just under one month on October 25 in Los Angeles, California. Cena will likely be defending his title that night and the next few weeks will play a pivotal role in determining his next opponent.

[Photos by JP Yim/Getty Images]