Was The Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers Feud To Blame For Seahawks Slow Start?

Nothing adds fuel to the fire of a winless season filled with high expectations more than some controversy. For Russell Wilson, the seemingly mild-mannered star of the 0-2 Seattle Seahawks, his 2015 season has escalated past grease fire.

Wilson, who nearly led his team to back-to-back Super Bowls last year, has faced not one, not two, but three highly reported controversies thus far in the 2015 season. And the question now becomes, is that the reason behind Seattle’s slow start?

The most infamous of all the distractions surrounding Russell Wilson and the Seahawks has been the Aaron Rodgers “God” feud that continued to escalate after last week’s loss to the Green Bay Packers. After the game Aaron Rodgers apparently took a shot at Wilson, who credited God with the Seahwaks come-from-behind victory last season in the NFC Championship Game.

According to NBC Sports, Russell Wilson took the high road instead of engaging Rodgers directly, a move applauded by Aaron Rodgers’ brother, as reported by ESPN.

“I think that in terms of that comment in all that, you know everybody has a right to their own opinion,” Wilson told reporters. “I know for me, I’m just grateful that God has given me the opportunity to play the great game of football, I’m so grateful. I know one of the things that my parents always taught me is just continue to reign humble in your victories and your losses, and I think that’s just the thing that I’m grateful for, just to be able to play the game of football, and I love it. So like I said, everybody [is entitled] to their own opinion.”

As if that wasn’t enough of a distraction to deal with, rumblings within the Seattle camp have found star acquisition Jimmy Graham unhappy with his role thus far in the offense. According to the Seattle Times, Russell Wilson has had to diffuse that controversy, as well.

“He’s just a guy that wants to win, just like all of us,” Wilson said of Graham when he met the media Thursday. “That’s the great thing about it, he’s an ultimate competitor. He’s been unbelievable in practice, the way we all practice it’s a lot of fun, and so he’s a great teammate, couldn’t be any better, great friend too as well, so we’re excited about what’s going to happen.”

And finally, Kam Chancellor, the Seahawks star safety, ended his incredulous holdout with the team this week after sitting the first two games because of a contract dispute. And while Wilson isn’t in control of the defensive side of the ball, Chancellor was seen as a leader of the team. His absencse put even more pressure on Wilson to perform, and in many ways carry the team on his 5-foot-11-inch frame.

At the end of the day however, that’s why the quarterback gets paid the big bucks. So whether it’s the controversies surrounding the team, the Aaron Rodgers feud or simply a shaky offensive line and difficult schedule to blame for the slow start, it’s up to Russell Wilson to help pull Seattle out of its 0-2 funk against the Bears today.

[Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images]