Jimmy Fallon Plays ‘Drinko’ Again After Swearing On TV That He Wouldn’t [Videos]

Jimmy Fallon, the man everyone wishes they knew in real life. With an infectious personality and a hilarious outlook on life, as a host, Fallon always manages to marvel. Enter Paul Rudd, heartthrob and actor, and now you have a million faces glued to the screen. The scene: a game of “Drinko.” This new game that debuted on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon consists of dropping a disc onto the “Drinko” board and allowing it to roll down to land in one of the cups below it. In whatever cup the disc lands, the opponent has to drink the contents of that cup. With beverages ranging from Wine Spritzers to gravy, this was a game that was guaranteed to get interesting.

In the game filled with sexual innuendos, there was bound to be hilarity. On Rudd’s first attempt, the disc landed in the Peppermint Schnapps container, meaning Jimmy Fallon had to drink it. The next turn is where it really gets interesting, though, as Rudd has to end up drinking gravy. Rudd grimaces as he has to drink the cold gravy. His face is really what makes this priceless. Then finally, both men had to drop discs in “Drinko” at the same time, and whoever’s disc reached first won the game and the loser would have to drink both the drinks that the discs landed in. Rudd’s disc landed first, leaving Jimmy Fallon to drink the most disgusting concoction of the night, a mixture of Tequila and gravy. Surprisingly, this game doesn’t leave Fallon throwing up all over the stage.

As expected after drinking that disgusting drink combination, Jimmy Fallon said this is the last time the game will be played on the show, the Week reported.

“This is the last time we’re playing ‘Drinko,’ ladies and gentlemen.”

Apparently, Jimmy Fallon changed his mind and the game is on! Jimmy Fallon is at it again with another round of “Drinko!” The episode on Thursday, September 3, of The Tonight Show had Jimmy Fallon and Jason Sudeikis competing in another game of “Drinko.”

The first round has Fallon mixing Capri Sun and bubble tea, while the second round has Sudeikis drinking Wine Spritzer and bubble tea and asking, “Why is Bubble Tea a thing?” Round three shows Fallon and Sudeikis climbing the stairs to drop their discs simultaneously. In this round, the disc that lands first has the opponent drinking the combo, and ends up with Jimmy Fallon having to drink beer and Peppermint Schnapps! But to be a good sport, Sudeikis grabs Tequila and pickle juice and toasts Fallon!

“Drinko” was inspired by The Price is Right‘s game “Pinko,” according to Rolling Stone.

And, despite Jimmy Fallon’s protestations and continued promises to never play the game again, somehow it continues to be reprised. Would we be wrong in thinking that Jimmy Fallon actually enjoys a good game of Drinko with his guests?

[Photo: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / YouTube]

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