Sandra Bullock Can’t Stop Dropping F-Bombs, Blames Jennifer Aniston

Sandra Bullock reportedly curses like a sailor, and she lays the blame at Jennifer Aniston’s feet.

The award-winning actress is said to be trying to kick the habit of dropping f-bombs so she can be a good role model for son Louis, but since she’s been hanging out with Aniston and her husband, Justin Theroux, she’s finding it difficult to let the curse words go.

Bullock said during promotion for her 2013 movie, The Heat, that she just loves certain words, and indeed, that film has a rather large amount of cursing between Bullock and co-star Melissa McCarthy. Bullock herself has slipped the f-word into interviews and moments at an awards show in 2014.

“I love the F-word … I love it! I don’t think it has been appreciated enough,” Sandra said.

Sandra is in headlines this week after ex-husband Jesse James said in an interview with In Depth that he realized he messed things up pretty badly with his infidelity, which caused their split soon after she won an Oscar for The Blind Side. In the interview, James named adopted son Louis as one of the reasons they were able to hold together their relationship, and says he doesn’t think it’s fair that he had to lose his son due to his divorce.

“I made mistakes and did stuff that I shouldn’t have. I handled the situation not the way that I should have. I got divorced and lost a kid I adopted because of it. Whether that’s fair, whether I should have lost a kid due to infidelity, which I don’t think anybody ever does. But I think with ‘Hollywood Law’ that’s totally fair,” James said, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

James is recently remarried after several high-profile relationships, including an engagement with tattoo artist Kat Von D.

Sandra Bullock may be a hugely successful movie star — and one of People Magazine‘s Most Beautiful Women — but she said in 2013 that there is so much more she wants to do that doesn’t include Hollywood. After opening up a gourmet sandwich shop/bakery/flower shop in Austin and adding a bistro right down the street, she says she feels like she’s part of something, finally.

“The acting thing is so beyond my control. Acting isn’t mine. You’re like a tiny piece in this big, corporate mechanism that needs chemistry and divine intervention. This is mine.”

Bullock is also one of those rare Hollywood forces of nature who can win an Academy Award and a Razzie in the same year and take it in stride, and according to longtime friend and co-star George Clooney, not only is she extremely funny, she aims her sense of humor at herself more often than not.

These days, Bullock is happy with photographer boyfriend Bryan Randall — with whom she attended Jennifer Aniston’s wedding earlier this year — and enjoys their quiet time together when she’s at home in Austin. Randall is not only a photographer and actor, he’s also a model and has worked with The Actor’s Company to help young thespians with their head shots.

Sandra Bullock’s next project is Our Brand Is Crisis, for which she’s garnering a lot of attention due to the fact that her role was originally meant to be played by a man.

[Photo courtesy Warner Bros.]