‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 12: Everything Really Did Change – Now What’s Next?

Grey’s Anatomy is back. Season 12 premiered on Thursday night, and fans were treated to an episode that felt like a reset for the series. McDreamy is gone, and Meredith Grey is dealing with her new life without Derek.

The action picked up a few months after the end of Grey’s Anatomy season 11, and Meredith is back in her mother’s old house living with Amelia and Maggie. Previous spoilers teased that the new living arrangement would be an adjustment for the trio, but fans had no idea just how much of an adjustment it would be.

These three women do not fit together at all. They are all very different, and that was made abundantly clear in the opening moments of the episode. However, Meredith made it clear that while she might not like Amelia, she does love her.

These women are her family, and she will handle living with them. She handled Izzie and George when the series began, remember?

Meredith is facing a new challenge. She is now a real teacher. Bailey was planning to take on an anatomy class, but she decided to give it to Meredith once she became the Chief of Surgery at the end of the episode. The episode is sandwiched with Meredith starting her first class.

As for Bailey, she is now in charge, and that will cause some problems. There are no details for Grey’s Anatomy season 12, episode 2, but fans do know the episode is titled “Walking Tall.” The episode will deal with Miranda’s transition. She has certainly come a long way from the intern fans saw in flashbacks during Grey’s Anatomy season 6.

Miranda’s new position will be an adjustment for her and everyone else on staff. Entertainment Weekly shared spoilers from Shonda Rhimes for the transition on Friday.

“We’re watching her struggle as she learns to take the reins. It’s a job that she’s always wanted. it’s a job that she feels is so important. We’re watching to see what it means to be a leader.”

Spoilers Guide shared the first sneak peek for the next Grey’s Anatomy episode, and it features a celebration for Bailey’s new position. The ladies are discussing how she is the first female Chief of Surgery at the hospital, and Callie realizes that the hospital is run by ladies. Most of the department heads are women. The women are really pleased with that.

Grey’s Anatomy has come back strong with a new beginning for the series. Shonda Rhimes had teased over the summer that the series would return to its roots with a new lighter tone. The premiere confirmed that lighter tone. Meredith is not in mourning. She knows her life has completely changed, and she is doing the best she can to deal with the changes.

There are no photos for this episode from ABC yet. The lack of photos and details from the network is a bit odd, but ABC appears to be keeping the next episode under wraps for the time being.

Fans should expect to see more between April and Jackson. She returned at the end of the premiere, and Jackson made it clear he was not happy to see her. He is seen briefly in the sneak peek for the next episode.

For now, the staff of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital will have to deal with a new boss lady. Will fans see the return of the “Nazi” on the series? Callie had no problem reminding people at the hospital of that former nickname for Miranda.

What did you think of the Grey’s Anatomy season 12 premiere? Are you excited to see what’s next?

[Photo courtesy of ABC]