Kendra Wilkinson Did Not Confront Holly Madison, Holly Tweets About Feud

Kendra Wilkinson is pretty upset about former friend and fellow Playboy alum Holly Madison’s new book, and she spoke about it on her show Kendra On Top, telling a friend that she couldn’t believe Holly was allowed to print such outrageous lies about the Playboy Mansion and the things that went on there. She also mentioned that she wanted to go to one of Holly’s book signings to confront her, but Holly took to Twitter to call Kendra out, saying there was never a confrontation.

“This is f***ed up. I can’t believe she’s getting away with saying stuff like this. What Holly is saying is extremely false. I’m like, ‘Where did this s*** come from?’ Someone needs to have a voice against this. Hef won’t do it. He’s too nice of a guy,” Kendra said on the show.

Holly responded on Twitter without naming names, saying she was not going to appear on any reality shows anytime soon in a confrontation setting.

In the book — Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny— Madison details her version of events from her time at the Playboy Mansion, saying she was emotionally abused at the hands of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and recounting the drug and alcohol use that made up the constant party atmosphere there. But according to Kendra, the book is no more than sour grapes because Holly didn’t remain in Hefner’s good graces after she left the house to get married, and because Hef took Holly out of his will. But Holly says differently, telling Oprah Winfrey recently that he used his will as a bribe to get her to stay just before she left the mansion.

“Hef and I started hitting kind of a rocky patch when it became clear that Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson were leaving, they were moving on to new things. I just had enough and just realized all the delusions I’d been under and that this was no longer the life for me,” Madison said on Oprah’s show, Where Are They Now? She says that Hefner left a copy of his will where she would see that he’d bequeathed her $3 million, and that didn’t go over so well. “It was very clear to me that he’d left that out for me to see, because he was hoping it would change my mind and get me to stay. But it just kinda disgusted me more than anything because all he can do is say, ‘Oh, here, I’m gonna throw you some money to get you to stay.’ It just grossed me out.”

Despite Kendra Wilkinson’s accusations, Madison says she didn’t write the book to bring down anyone or to make money off of a “tell-all.” Rather, she wanted it to be more about her life story and the choices she learned to make for herself. She also said she was tired of avoiding talking about her time with Hefner and was ready to tell the truth, coming at a time when the allegations against Bill Cosby have raised serious questions about the way women were treated while in the company of powerful men.

Madison, Wilkinson, and Bridget Marquardt all appeared on the reality show Girls Next Door together with Hefner, which documented their time at the mansion as his girlfriends. While Marquardt has remained relatively silent, Wilkinson went on to get her own spinoff show, and Holly Madison just signed her second book deal for If I Only Had A Date.

[Photo courtesy Kendra On Top]